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The first beta, codenamed Ophrys, for Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring (2008.1) is now available. There is information about the new release in various places:


Major new features

Major new features in this pre-release include:

New XML-based package meta-information system

The system for providing information about packages (description, changelog, file lists and so forth) for the Mandriva package management tools has been changed. As before, the basic information necessary for installing packages is present in a synthesis hdlist file. However, rather than there being a single full hdlist file for each repository containing further information, this further information has been split across several XML-formatted files for each repository. When a repository is added, the synthesis hdlist file will always be retrieved. The XML files containing further information will be retrieved and updated on demand - when you perform an action with either the graphical or command-line package management tools which requires access to this information (for instance, attempting to look at the list of files that a package contains, or query it using the urpmf command). This will keep the initial time required to add a repository to the system short while allowing access to further information where needed without any need to re-configure the repository.

Multimedia key support

This pre-release should provide a measure of out-of-the-box support for the multimedia keys present on many modern keyboards. Simple functions such as changing sound volume should work immediately. If you have multimedia keys on your keyboard but they do not seem to do anything in Beta 1, please refer to the release notes for information on how to discover exactly where the problem lies, and how to report it correctly so it can be fixed for future pre-releases and the final release.

Perl 5.10

Perl has been updated to 5.10 since the release of Alpha 2. This is a major change which required the rebuild of several hundred packages. Please report any problems or regressions caused by this change to Bugzilla.

Revert previous replacement of teTeX with TeX Live

Alpha 2 replaced the teTeX system with TeX Live. Due to several problems and necessary features yet unimplemented in TeX Live, this change has been reverted, and Beta 1 again uses teTeX as the default TeX system.

Latest NVIDIA and ATI proprietary drivers

This pre-release includes 169.09 of the NVIDIA proprietary driver and version 8.45.2 (Catalyst 8.1) of the ATI proprietary driver. These provide bug fixes and support for the latest cards released by both manufacturers.

Available KDE 4.0.0

KDE 4.0.0 final is available in the Cooker /contrib repository along with this pre-release. See the release notes for information on how to add KDE 4.0.0 after installing this pre-release.

Bleeding-edge Nautilus / GVFS changes

This pre-release includes the latest version of Nautilus, the GNOME file and desktop manager. This version is based on the new GVFS VFS system, replacing the old gnome-vfs system. This is a major change which has already resulted in several known problems and regressions. Please check the Errata for already-known problems, and report any further problems you discover to Bugzilla.

Kernel 2.6.24 RC8 with ALSA 1.0.16 RC1

This pre-release uses the latest available release candidate of kernel version 2.6.24, providing the widest possible hardware compatibility. The latest release candidate of the ALSA sound system has also been included, which should fix many issues with recent sound hardware.


This pre-release is available:

  • as a Free edition for the x86-32 and x86-64 architectures, on one DVD or on three CDs, with a traditional installer
  • as a One (KDE-based) and One (GNOME-based) combined live / install CD edition, for the x86-32 architecture

The images are available from the following mirrors:


For instructions on writing the ISO files to CD or DVD discs, see Writing CD and DVD images. For installation instructions, see Installing Mandriva Linux.

Known issues

Known issues are collected on the 2008 Spring Errata page.

Testing wanted

You are encouraged to test and comment on this pre-release. Feedback should be posted in the form of bug reports to Bugzilla, or if it is not a type of feedback that can be expressed as a bug report, to the Cooker mailing list or to the Mandriva Forums.

  • Check that all your hardware is supported. Note that the Free editions of this release candidate only include free software. Proprietary drivers for components which require or can use them - especially for ATI and NVIDIA video cards, Intel Centrino wireless adapters, and HSF modems - are available from the Cooker non-free repository. Follow the instructions at Docs/Basic_tasks/Installing_and_removing_software#Making_more_applications_available to configure this and other repositories. It should be noted that if you continue to use these repositories after the release of Mandriva Linux 2008, you will then be following the development of the next release of Mandriva Linux. If you wish to follow development of 2008 and then remain with a 2008 system, you must change your repositories at the time 2008 is released.
  • If you had problems with sound support on Mandriva Linux 2008 or earlier pre-releases of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring, please try this pre-release and see if they have now been resolved.
  • See if the support for multimedia keys (mentioned above) works on your system, and if not, please report this.
  • Check that PulseAudio detects all your sound devices and that you can play sound from all applications with no problems.
  • Test hibernation functionality, both on laptops and desktops.
  • Report any missing or unwanted software. Please take care to see if these issues have already been filed.

For help on reporting bugs, consult our general guidelines on Development/Howto/Bugzilla.

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