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The first release candidate, codenamed Serapias, for Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring (2008.1) is now available. There is information about the new release in various places:


Major new features

Major new features in this pre-release include:

2008 Spring graphical theme introduced

Previous 2008 Spring pre-releases have continued to use the Mandriva Linux 2008 graphical theme. This pre-release introduces the all-new 2008 Spring theme, including the new installer appearance, new desktop backgrounds, bootsplash images, bootloader themes, and screensavers. In a new feature for 2008 Spring, the background changes gradually with the time of day. This is currently active only on GNOME, but will be activated on KDE in RC 2.

Further enhancements to Mandriva software management tools

Continuing the theme of improvements and enhancements to the Mandriva software tools from previous pre-releases, more improvements have been made in this area. Both urpmi and rpmdrake now inform the user how much data must be retrieved from the repositories for each transaction, as well as how much space will be used or freed up on the hard disk when the operation is complete. Both tools now have improved support for falling back on the old package information system, useful when using a repository which has not yet been converted to the new, XML-based system. rpmdrake now defaults to listing only applications with a graphical interface, rather than all packages as before. This makes it much easier for inexperienced users to find and install new programs, without the distraction of other packages. The "All packages" filter is still, of course, available as a choice. The repository configuration tool now allows the user to choose how often the XML-based package information files will be retrieved - useful for slow or bandwidth-limited connections. The visual appearance of rpmdrake's package list has again been tweaked to be more attractive and efficient.

Graphical configuration of ndiswrapper functional again

As many users have found out, due to changes in the Linux kernel's module loading mechanisms, the Mandriva network configuration tool's function for configuring wireless interfaces to use ndiswrapper instead of a Linux native driver often failed to work correctly in recent Mandriva Linux releases, and previous 2008 Spring pre-releases. In this pre-release, this issue is now resolved: it is once again possible to configure wireless cards to use ndiswrapper using nothing but the graphical Mandriva network configuration tool.

WPA-EAP support in network configuration tools

The Mandriva network configuration tools now support the WPA-EAP authentication mechanism. If your company, school or other institution uses EAP on its Wi-Fi network, you can now authenticate using only the Mandriva graphical tools.

KDE 3.5.9 and available KDE 4.0.1

This pre-release introduces the latest (and final) release of KDE 3, KDE 3.5.9. This will be the version of KDE used by default in the final release of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring. KMyMoney replaces GNUcash as the default personal banking application in KDE. The latest release of KDE 4.0, KDE 4.0.1, is also available in the /contrib repository. To make KDE 4 available on your system, simply configure and enable the /contrib repository, and install the task-kde4 package.

New default applications for GNOME

Some new applications have been introduced to Mandriva's default GNOME configuration. The Transmission BitTorrent client is now included: previously, the default BitTorrent client was Deluge, or - in some cases, due to a bug - no BitTorrent client was installed by default on GNOME installations. The Brasero CD/DVD burning application is also now included by default, and HomeBank replaces GNUcash as the default personal finance application. The included version of Transmission is 1.06. The included version of Brasero is a post-0.7.1 snapshot incorporating some important fixes to issues that existed in 0.7.1, the latest official release. The included version of HomeBank is 3.6, the latest official release.

User lists in login managers

Both KDM and GDM login managers now display a list of user accounts to choose from when logging in, instead of requiring you to type the user name.

OpenOffice.org 2.4 RC2

The latest pre-release of OpenOffice.org 2.4 is included in this pre-release. Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring final will include the final version of OpenOffice.org 2.4.


This pre-release is available:

  • as a Free edition for the x86-32 and x86-64 architectures, on one DVD or on three CDs, with a traditional installer
  • as a One (KDE-based) and One (GNOME-based) combined live / install CD edition, for the x86-32 architecture

The images are available from the following mirrors:


For instructions on writing the ISO files to CD or DVD discs, see Writing CD and DVD images. For installation instructions, see Installing Mandriva Linux.

Known issues

Known issues are collected on the 2008 Spring Errata page.

Testing wanted

You are encouraged to test and comment on this pre-release. Feedback should be posted in the form of bug reports to Bugzilla, or if it is not a type of feedback that can be expressed as a bug report, to the Cooker mailing list or to the Mandriva Forums.

  • Check that all your hardware is supported. Note that the Free editions of this release candidate only include free software. Proprietary drivers for components which require or can use them - especially for ATI and NVIDIA video cards, Intel Centrino wireless adapters, and HSF modems - are available from the Cooker non-free repository. Follow the instructions at Docs/Basic_tasks/Installing_and_removing_software#Making_more_applications_available to configure this and other repositories. It should be noted that if you continue to use these repositories after the release of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring, you will then be following the development of the next release of Mandriva Linux. If you wish to follow development of 2008 Spring and then remain with a 2008 Spring system, you must change your repositories at the time 2008 Spring is released.
  • Test that all NTFS drives and partitions are mounted using NTFS-3G and you can write to them.
  • If you had problems with sound support on Mandriva Linux 2008 or earlier pre-releases of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring, please try this pre-release and see if they have now been resolved.
  • See if the support for multimedia keys works on your system, and if not, please report this.
  • Check that PulseAudio detects all your sound devices and that you can play sound from all applications with no problems.
  • Test hibernation functionality, both on laptops and desktops.
  • Test that printers are easily and correctly configured. USB printers should be detected automatically by the system, and a notification bubble should appear.
  • Test that rpmdrake works correctly: the changes introduced in this pre-release are major and may potentially have introduced some problems.
  • Report any missing or unwanted software. Please take care to see if these issues have already been filed.

For help on reporting bugs, consult our general guidelines on Development/Howto/Bugzilla.

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