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The second beta for Mandriva Linux 2009, code named okapi, is now available. There is information about the new release in various places:


Special note

This is noted elsewhere, but as a special important notice, please do not use this beta version to upgrade an existing Mandriva Linux installation. There are unresolved issues with KDE which are likely to result in any system upgraded from any stable release to this beta being unable to start a desktop, rendering it useless for most people. Please only use this beta as a clean installation, and, as always, do not expect to be able to use it as a day-to-day workstation; keep an installation of a stable Mandriva release (or other operating system or distribution, of course) for this purpose.

Major new features

New installer

The traditional-style installer used in the Free and Powerpack editions of Mandriva Linux has been completely revised in this pre-release, with a new, modernized interface and some substantial changes to functionality (both user visible and on the back end). Please test the new installer extensively, including making sure less common operations work and no features you used in the old installer have been left out.

New printing configuration system

As a test, Beta 2 by default uses the system-config-printer printer configuration tool, from Fedora, rather than the Mandriva printerdrake tool. Mandriva's unique printer detection and configuration database is still used, this is only a switch in configuration GUI. Please test this change extensively to help us see whether system-config-printer is a sufficient replacement for printerdrake. printerdrake is still available for comparison purposes. If you find any bugs in system-config-printer that are not present in printerdrake, or anything you can do with printerdrake that does not seem to be possible with system-config-printer, please report this.

Further integration of official Mandriva theme

The official Mandriva theme, Ia Ora, is further integrated into KDE 4 in this release. This work is still not entirely finished, but what you see in Beta 2 is much closer to the final appearance of Mandriva Linux 2009 than previous pre-releases have been.

Mozilla Firefox 3 (redux)

Well, this time we really mean it: Firefox 2 is dead, long live Firefox 3! Firefox 2 has now been entirely removed from the distribution, and from Beta 2 onwards, Firefox 3 is the supplied version. In addition, we are now using xulrunner, the implementation of the Gecko layout engine (used by Firefox and other browsers) as a separate library rather than integrated into Firefox. This eases maintenance of both Firefox and the various other packages which use the Gecko engine, and will ensure that in future we do not have to issue updates to every Gecko-based application every time an update for Firefox or xulrunner is required.

OpenOffice.org 3.0 pre-release

This beta updates OpenOffice.org to version 3.0 beta (via the Go-OO project). 3.0 brings many new features which you can read about here. We expect to include the final release of OpenOffice.org 3.0 in the final release of Mandriva Linux 2009.

Hardware support

This beta includes the atl1e ethernet driver used by several new Asus Eee models, as well as other netbooks. It also includes the sis-imedia driver for two SiS graphics chipsets which are not supported by the X.org sis driver.


This pre-release is available:

  • as a Free edition for the x86-32 and x86-64 architectures, on one DVD, or one mini dual arch CD, with a traditional installer
  • as a One (KDE-based) and One (GNOME-based) combined live / install CD edition, for the x86-32 architecture

The images are available from the following mirrors:


For instructions on writing the ISO files to CD or DVD discs, see Writing CD and DVD images. For installation instructions, see Installing Mandriva Linux.

Known issues

Known issues are collected on the 2009 Errata page.

Testing wanted

You are encouraged to test and comment on this pre-release. Feedback should be posted in the form of bug reports to Bugzilla, or if it is not a type of feedback that can be expressed as a bug report, to the Cooker mailing list or to the Mandriva Forums.

  • Report any problems you find with the new printer configuration GUI.
  • Report any problems, or missing features, you find in the new installer (in the Free edition).
  • Report any problems you find with normal use of KDE 4 to Mandriva.
  • Report any apparent bugs with the Mandriva Ia Ora theme in KDE 4.
  • Report any problems with Splashy, in boot and shutdown.
  • Report any problems with Mozilla Firefox 3 (common use, plugins, Flash and Java).
  • Check that all your hardware is supported. Note that the Free editions of this release candidate only include free software. Proprietary drivers for components which require or can use them - especially for ATI and NVIDIA video cards, Intel Centrino wireless adapters, and HSF modems - are available from the Cooker non-free repository. Follow the instructions at Docs/Basic_tasks/Installing_and_removing_software#Making_more_applications_available to configure this and other repositories. It should be noted that if you continue to use these repositories after the release of Mandriva Linux 2009, you will then be following the development of the next release of Mandriva Linux. If you wish to follow development of 2009 and then remain with a 2009 system, you must change your repositories at the time 2009 is released.
  • Test hibernation functionality, both on laptops and desktops.
  • Report any missing or unwanted software. Please take care to see if these issues have already been filed.

For help on reporting bugs, consult our general guidelines on Development/Howto/Bugzilla.

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