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General Planning for integration

konversation - Seems like to be the only application in kde3 left with no clear path to be ported in time to 2009. Recomendation to not install as default. Whole plan is to avoid install any kde3 libs unless strictly necessary and konversation not seens a good reason for that.

Notes on upgrade policy from 2008 Spring to 2009

Who is doing what

  • Neoclust
    • Menu cleaning - done
      • Hiding some menu entries for mandriva tols left - Done
      • Move applications regarding our specs - Done
    • Add support for Cube effect ( from summer of code ) - Done
    • Find a replacement for Kdebluetooth for 2009.0 - Done we have now kbluetooth4
    • Look for k3b ( what miss, what do not work, ... )
    • Add back Lzma support for man:/ kioslave - Done thanks to peroyvind
    • Use Nepomuk from trunk - Done ( bug some bugs left to fix )
    • Add some more window effects - Done
    • Use arK from trunk - Done
    • Backport tooltip from kde trunk - Done
    • Backport Kscd from trunk - Done
    • Rename systemsetting menu entry to 'Configure Your Desktop'

  • Helio
    • menu applet
    • kdm userlist - Done
    • phono-gstreamer codeina
    • notifications applet - Done
    • verify cube image ( togheter with theme integration )
    • Testing new consolekit patch - Finished
    • Qt Jambi package - On Hold
    • llvm - done
      • OpenCTL new package( depends on llvm on main )
      • OpenGTL new package ( depends on llvm on main )
    • KDM read profiles. Finished - Alternatives solution
    • Updating for RC1 - Finished
    • Systray, the revenge - qt strikes back Finished
    • Systray - Magic upstream fixed
    • Fix qt4 debug mode - Finished with pain
    • RC1 for 2008.1 - Finished
    • 4.1.0 for 2008.1 - Finished
    • Reintroduce patch that allow us to use menu-message catalog to translate menu and desktop files
    • launchers for default mandriva actions "register, draklive-install on One, etc.." are not created on the desktop

  • qateam
    • Check, and list here, as many as possible plugable devices like ipods, pendrives with data, cd's, dvd's and check how KDE4 is handling they.
    • Check mime types, example, open a .doc arquive and check if it opens with OOo or if you get a list with available apps. to read this type of file.

Pending issues

  • Reintroduce LDAP patch on new kde4 codebase
  • Ia Ora colors are missing
  • tooltips in menu entry (containing menu entry comment) are missing
  • XDG separator are not handled in menu
  • shutdown / notification buttons are way too big
  • splash in kde3
  • drak3d/compositing-wm-start support is broken (when using startx for instance).
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