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Mandriva Linux 2011 beta notes


This page contains notes about the Mandriva Linux 2011 beta1 release.


Mandriva Linux 2011 beta is available in a unified installer, with a tool to dump the image to a USB flash drive.

  • To use the iso to flash tool:
    • Mount the image:
    • mount -o loop mandriva-image-beta.iso /mnt
    • cd /mnt
    • in mnt you will find a directory called addons, inside is the tool, just run it with ./tool.sh or sh tool.sh
  • Alternatively, you can use dd to write the Mandriva iso image to the USB flash drive.

Additional information is also available online:

Installation media

Available media

This release is available:

  • One totally Free iso image, the iso can be installed directly; can run as live image; can be dumped to a pendrive.


  • The installer now has the same GUI style used in the default desktop interface.


  • Version: KDE 4.6.1-6-mdv2011
  • Lots of improvements on Clementine Player
  • Bug fixed on choqok, preventing it to crash on flash content
  • KDE style was switched to QtCurve
  • KDE window border was switched to QtCurve
  • For KDE Color scheme test, it is switched to Ambiancy (need a fix to remove the orange windeco color and use blue) - Suggestions of color theme are welcome!
  • Plasma-applet-stackfolder application, developed by ROSA Labs, is included by default

Under the Hood

  • rpm-5.3.9-0.20110303.2
  • systemd-20
  • networkmanager-
  • bash 4.2


  • firefox-4.0-0.rc1.1


  • mozilla-thunderbird-3.1.9

Additional software packages

Chromium browser

  • Versions match Google Chrome releases in dev, beta and stable channels


  • TeX updated to texlive-20110312
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