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This page has details about the development plans and the release schedule for the next large Mandriva Linux release, Mandriva 2011. It also includes links to other wiki pages that should help you get more information about each pre-release (changelog, known bugs, new functionalities) and check out upcoming events.


Short description

Mandriva 2011 will be the next major Mandriva release, scheduled to be released in 2011.

Technical specifications

This is the list of accepted list of major features to be present in Mandriva 2011 distribution (with base on proposed features and Ideas pages):

  • (complete) Switch to RPM5
  • (complete) Adopt BFS scheduler for netbook and desktop kernels (Instead of BFS, the plan is to include CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP patch from Mike Galbraith, if the kernel version we will be using doesn't have it already, and enable it by default)
  • (complete) Adopt systemd for boot process
  • (complete) Adopt networkmanager with ifcfg-mdv plugin by default, leaving net_applet as alternative and inter-operable solution.
  • (in progress) Provide a new graphic package manager application with a more modern and simple to use interface
  • (complete) Use one desktop environment by default, standardizing the list of applications and visual look-and-feel
  • (in progress) Provide unified look-and-feel for dialogs (save, load, printing dialogs) for the applications included in the Desktop distribution
  • (complete) New login and desktop UI developed for the Desktop distribution
  • (in progress) New UI focused on netbooks and less powerful machines
  • (complete) New graphical theme for widgets and UI
  • (in progress) Further integration of semantic features into mail, file manager, contact, graphic and text editor applications
  • (in progress) Integration of Mandriva configuration tools into KDE control center
  • (pending) Provide builds of GNOME, XFCE and LXDE versions of the distribution together with the community.
  • (in progress) Improved resource consumption for Mandriva desktop
  • (pending) Clean up Main repository and have maintainers for all the packages in Main.
  • (complete) Simplify the installer: remove summary step of the installation, and remove desktop selection step. Default desktop and kernel selection will be done automatically, according to the ISO version of distribution used.
  • (in progress) Cleanup and rework the list of hardcoded packages: mandi, shorewall, acpi etc...
  • (in progress) Update basesystem dependencies and integrate it with busybox to allow a lightweight install using minimal disk space
  • (in progress) Improve interoperability with zeroconf applications
  • (in progress) Provide a "welcome" application (idea from Image:bug_small.png Bug #32617)
  • (in progress) Allow cooker distribution to be developed in parallel with Stable release stabilization. Instead of freezing cooker during the last phases of the development, it will continue as a rolling release, and will be branched into a new stabilization branch where all fixes will go into.

Details of development releases

Development planning: 2011 planning and delivery

Eugeni Dodonov (aka eugeni) will be the release engineer for all Mandriva Linux 2011 editions. The following editions are planned for each pre-release:

  • Desktop: x86-32 and x86-64 DVDs live and installable images with the Mandriva Desktop
Release name
Planned Date (DD/MM/YY)
Real Date (DD/MM/YY)
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Final release
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