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This page - and in general this wiki - will be part of a global move of the Mandriva Linux Project to the community that will be finalized soon. Mandriva SA wishes the project to be managed by the Mandriva Linux community under a proper governance. We (Mandriva SA) will contribute to the Mandriva Linux project in the future and would like to see it grow. We do not wish to comment below the following line and want to emphasize that the present wiki is the community wiki, while being hosted for the time being on a domain.

J.-M. Croset, Mandriva SA, CEO.

This page has details about the development plans and the release schedule for the next large Mandriva Linux release, Mandriva Linux 2012. It also includes links to other wiki pages that should help you get more information about each pre-release (changelog, known bugs, new functionalities) and check out upcoming events.

Caution !
This page is outdated. There will be no Mandriva 2012 but the foundation OpenMandriva plans to release the next version. There is no ETA yet.


Short description

Mandriva Linux 2012 (Bernie Lomax) will be the next major Mandriva Linux release, scheduled to be released in 2012.

Technical specifications

This is the list of accepted list of major features to be present in Mandriva Linux 2012 distribution (with base on proposed features and Ideas pages):

Details of development releases

Development planning: 2012 planning and delivery

Per Øyvind Karlsen (aka proyvind) will be acting as project leader for the course of Mandriva Linux 2012 development, with Bernhard Rosenkränzer (aka bero) & Matthew Dawkins (aka mdawkins) as release managers of. The following editions are (likely to be) planned for each pre-release:

  • Desktop: i586, x32 (most likely not for 2012), & x86_64 DVDs live and installable images with the Mandriva Linux Desktop
  • Free: i586, x32 (most likely not for 2012), & x86_64 Classical installer images
  • Livecd installable images: i586/x86_64 GNOME3/MATE/LXDE/KDE4/E17 Desktop Environments 700MBs or less
  • Powerpack: i586 & x86_64 (under consideration)
Release (codename)
Planned Date (DD/MM/YY)
Real Date (DD/MM/YY)
Technology Preview (Bernie Lomax;))
Alpha (Tenacious Underdog)
Alpha 2 (Unnamed loser)
Final release


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