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MUGs (Mandriva User Groups) are part of the Mandriva Assembly.


Meetings and documentation

MUGs meet and discuss everywhere they are. But especially, MUGs representatives haunt the following places:

  • MUGs forum - only MUGs representatives can write in it, but it's available for everyone to read
  • #mandriva-mugs on Freenode; mostly used for a monthly chat session
  • physical meeting? some place, some time?

IRC sessions summaries

  • January 2010, (log here: [Assembly_Meetings] - to be moved somewhere else)
  • February: no session
  • March: ?


Below are the members of Mandriva Assembly MUGs. You can still join adventure by mailing assembly-attend AT mandriva DOT org. Once you will be registered, you will be asked to fill here a quick presentation of your MUG. This will allow Mandriva users through the world to join the nearest one.


South and North America

Central America



Others users groups

Mandriva representatives

  • Anne Nicolas
  • Romain D'Alverny
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