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Using Bugzilla

Don't discuss ideas for version:=2008.1 here, instead use Bugzilla to submit corresponding enhancement requests, for the issues without one yet, and vote/discuss there, for the ones you care.

  • The enhancement requests with the most votes can be found here.
  • The bugs reports with the most votes can be found here.


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Detect and preserve other distributions in bootloader configuration Frank Koester Image:bug_small.png Bug #16604 Assigned to Pascal Rigaux (Pixel). 0% done
Convert rpmsrate to XML format  ?  ? Assigned to Pascal Rigaux (Pixel). 0% done
Add a .exe file into Live CDs in order to launch install from Windows xavy94 Image:bug_small.png Bug #20367
Install ksynaptics/gsynaptics by default on laptops Frederik Himpe
Possibility to read the release notes during the installation of packages Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #34576
Support more than 15 partitions when using libata (http://kerneltrap.org/Linux/Supporting_bMore_Partitions) Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #32085
Automatic partitioning always uses classic partitions. There should be an option (for example a checkbox in the window that pops up when using Diskdrake in Advanced mode) to use LVM. Frederik Himpe
Up to date and authoritative documentation on automatic install, whereas the only available currently is an outdated one on a third-party website Guillaume Rousse
Fix stage1 to set host name Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #32725
Fix stage1 to set correctly detect wired interface Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #31479
Set possibility to chose the kernel-laptop by a simple question ("is it a desktop or a latop ?"). This would install latop's config tools automatically Frédéric Cuif (Fredxx)
When a user try an automatic installation with Mandriva One, the partitions actually created are /, /usr and Swap. So I think the /, /home and Swap are the three most popular partitions. So, in this case, the personnal files are safe when the user try an update of his system. Janot
Make the starting screen booting on hard disk by default, instead of install (Comment: this would be a problem on some Macbooks where a firmware bug prevents keyboard interaction with the bootloader -- Jerome H) jcl_vanier Image:bug_small.png Bug #35420
Install and activate the irqbalance service by default on SMP/dual core systems Frederik Himpe
Being able to add external media or an external set of media at install time Olivier Thauvin
Being able to select/unselect media coming with the distribution, to allow for example to not install more than 32bits packages, or to exclude non-free/contrib, or to add backports, especially during network install Olivier Thauvin
Automatically use/create label on partition during installation and use them for grub configuration Balcaen John Image:bug_small.png Bug #35366 Resolved by using in fact UUID and not label
Allow cancelling of repository hdlists once downloading has begun Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #35378
For One, menu entries to install without booting and to test RAM Olivier Faurax Image:bug_small.png Bug #30453
Allow install on a existing Raid 5 installation Fakeraid (82801 SATA controller on board IDE controller is JMB368 Guy Forssman


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
GRUB lists a failsafe entry at boot that is very dangerous.

Mandriva boots in run level 1 with this entry. Any one then can be root on the system. Root's password must be requested when booting in failsafe mode.

nmset This entry allows you to fix the system when authentication or login, or anything else might be broken. If you want more security you may set a password in GRUB for that entry, but you can't ask for the root password. You should also disable command editing and shell in GRUB, so that people can not add the option by themselves, and put a password in your BIOS so that people can not boot on another device. Then put a lock on the box so that people can not open it and reset the BIOS password.
When adding windows boot partitions in GRUB on laptops, make the difference between the true windows boot partition, and the partition used for reinstalling the system Benoit Minisini

Base System

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Enable AppArmor by default on all new installations Frederik Himpe
Switch to maintained sysklogd alternative by default (either syslog-ng or rsyslog) Guillaume Rousse
Support Reiser4 file system by default -- even possibly mentioning “experimental” or something alike bluelight
Support ZFS file system by default -- even possibly mentioning “experimental” or something alike bluelight
Support for fingerprint authentication. Maybe the fprint project could be integrated into next Mandriva. valz Image:bug_small.png Bug #30791
Overhaul udev initialization and use Olivier Blin Assigned to: Olivier Blin. Status: 60% - Migrate sound and alsa services into udev rules - Use upstream helpers for persistent rules (net + block), port useful features from our scripts in these helpers and send upstream
Replace bootsplash Various Assigned to: Oliver Blin and the kernel team. Status: 40% - in progress. Olivier Blin is working on splashy.
Implement hybrid suspend mode Assigned to: Frederic Crozat. Status: 10% - a template for this mode has been added to pm-utils. It is currently non-functional.
Send pm-utils changes upstream Assigned to: Frederic Crozat and Olivier Blin. Status: 0%
Ensure that compiz-window-decorator is launched at each start-up (usefull after a crash) xavy94
Publish virtualized images of beta and final releases for testing Assigned to: Antoine Ginies. Status: 0% - not started.
After installing Mandriva One, have a window pop up asking the user to install kernel-desktop if he has more than 1 GB of RAM Ahmad Yasser
Set an option to clean safely the ~/tmp file (the same option that we have to clean /tmp file. See the topic (in french) Frédéric Cuif (Fredxx)


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
virtinst support (drakvirt is a waste of time IMHO, when compared with virt-manager) Guillaume Rousse
Add support for QEMU (+kqemu) beside actually supported Xen Jiri Hlinka
Move Xen outside the kernel package Luiz Capitulino Assigned to: the kernel team, Guillaume Rousse and Thomas Backlund. Status: 90% - Xen is dropped from the kernel package. External packages are updated, pending completion of testing and bug fixes.


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
legacy non-standard behaviour patches removal (documentation conflict patch, localstatedir redifinition, ...) Guillaume Rousse
various rpm macros and helper inventory and cleanup Guillaume Rousse
reasonable backport policy definition Guillaume Rousse
Recompile server applications with buffer overflow protection Assigned to: Andreas Hasenack and Oden Eriksson - Status: 90% - mostly completed.
Servers should not be started by default Assigned to: Andreas Hasenack and Oden Eriksson - Status: 75% - in progress.


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Fontconfig: enable full hinting/subpixel smoothing by default, as most users today use LCD monitors (where this looks much better), and even on CRT monitors it looks very good with todays freetype Frederik Himpe
Update metapackages Assigned to: Gustavo Boiko. Status: 0% - not started.

Hardware support

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
ACPI: Create a script (if it does not yet exist) which is run when switching to battery power to consume less energy. In the script, execute things proposed on http://www.lesswatts.org (disable wake on lan, cpu scheduler tweaks, laptop mode...) Frederik Himpe Partly Image:bug_small.png Bug #35665
CPUFREQ: activate the ondemand governer by default in the cpufreq packages, even on desktops to consume power Frederik Himpe
SUSPEND TO RAM: Disable suspend-to-ram when it's not supported ( for example suspend to ram does not work if ati framebuffer is actived) ,we should use the result of s2ram -n for that which mean installation of suspend-s2ram by default) Balcaen John Image:bug_small.png Bug #35319
automatic bios update, through dell firmware-tools support Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #35855
Switch to sane backends cvs version for better scanner support, like Debian has done (http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/sane-backends) Frederik Himpe
Install Athcool for AMD Athlon/Duron processors. Cools down the CPU and saves energy. Grmblmbl
Drop as much of OSS/Free as possible Assigned to: Thierry Vignaud, Luiz Capitulino. Status: 0% - not started.

Focused Software

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Add more programming languages and scientific applications to distribution. Two example languages are pike http://pike.ida.liu.se/ and nickle http://www.nickle.org/ (I have been looking at the sources of those lately, but there are a lot of other programming languages around, some that are very specifialized, usually on math, physics, text processing, etc). A collection of information about scientific applications can be found at http://sal.jyu.fi/index.shtml Paulo Andrade
To add to that if you could update R at www.r-project.org and rkward at http://rkward.sourceforge.net/ R and rkward are up2date
Install IcedTea Java with the browser plug-in by default in the Free editions Frederik Himpe
Fix all Tetex/Texlive migration bugs and make Texlive the default Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #33323 and others
Clean up the different LTSP solutions in Mandriva (draktermserv, mille xterm,...), choose one main default one, and make sure it works well and is documented Frederik Himpe
Add Java development such as NetBeans and JDK Jan Pihlgren
Add VMware Server with VMware Tools, booth preconfigured for the kernel Jan Pihlgren
It would be great if kvirc (http://www.kvirc.net/), an IRC client comparable to xchat, is available for Mandriva Chinh Nguyen
Replace rfbdrake by krdc (kde) or vinagre and grdesktop (GNOME), which have much nicer GUIs and don't depend on the tightvnc binary Frederik Himpe
Clean shorewall messages when a service is started  ?  ? Assigned to Olivier Blin 0% done
Provide a template spec for extensions Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 100% - done for 2008.0
Package common extensions Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 100% - foxmarks, blogrovr and scribefire have been packaged.
Improve mime-type handling Adam Williamson Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 0% - not started.
Improve Firefox GNOME / KDE themes Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: Status: 80% - done for cooker, still have to integrate via moz-icon://
Enhance Firefox configuration defaults Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 0% - not started.
Enhance Thunderbird configuration defaults Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 0% - not started.
Minimize OpenOffice.org footprint Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 90% - Almost there, current for cooker.
Use background preloading for OpenOffice.org Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 0% - not started.
Add Mandriva flavoured templates for OpenOffice just like it is done with the loadscreen Rémy Clouard



Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Create use cases for typical desktop usage Assigned to: tests team. Status: 0% - not started.
Let One offer a light WM for low memory cases DoK Image:bug_small.png Bug #35549
Re-organize icewm packaging yochenhsieh Image:bug_small.png Bug #35578
Make a One for Xfce, at least, give the opportunity to install it from the free/powerpack dvd like it is the case for fluxbox or window maker Rémy Clouard Image:bug_small.png Bug #16731


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Keep an eye on Brasero's development. If 0.7 is out and it is stable and functional enough after intensive testing, consider installing it as default in GNOME Frederik Himpe
Check out the GNOME Default Settings page. It serves as a brainstorming place to check if some ideas are worth opening an enhancement request, and adding here.
Build the Epiphany 2.2[12] package with Webkit support, and make it possible to install it together with Epiphany-gecko, and let the default version be selectable with alternatives, like is done in the Totem package Frederik Himpe
Add user_xattr flag support on mount by default on /home if beagle are installed Balcaen John Not needed, install use tune2fs to change this without any need for fstab changes.
Create a gnome-burning-tools metapackage Assigned to: Frederic Crozat. Status: 0% - not started.
Choose sound servers for Gnome Status: 0% - not started.


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Make the kickoff button able to be resized without becoming enormous like what OpenSuSE does. With a small panel the kickoff button looks fine but when it's larger the button looks HUGE. Chris Desjardins
Also I'd like to see katapult and kgtk ( [1] )added Chris Desjardins Image:bug_small.png Bug #34783
Continue with KDE 3.5 series as default and have KDE 4 available for early adopters. DONE
Continue developing the metabar in konqueror when opened as a file manager. It looks very nice
Use KDEPim 3.5 Enterprise branch like Kubuntu, OpenSUSE and Fedora are doing already Frederik Himpe DONE
.jpg, .bmp, .png files... should be opened by default with a picture viewer (showfoto? gwenview?), instead of gimp. When a picture is opened, all the directory pictures should be also opened in kind of diaporama (such as in windows) xavy94
Show program generic names in KDE program menu in addition to program names Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #29900
Hide some of the individual kdepim applications in the program menus if the Kontact shell is installed in order to make the Internet and Office menus become shorter Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #32666
Autoconfigure kde to use the correct keyboard layout to enable multimedia keys if possible (for example use the Acer Laptop layout with an Acer Laptop) Balcaen John Image:bug_small.png Bug #35320
Advanced Mouse/Joystick/gamepads support to enable multimedia keys if possible xavy94 Image:bug_small.png Bug #30162 Image:bug_small.png Bug #11061
Install the gtk-qt-engine rpm package by default in KDE, so KDE users have the possibility to change the GTK+ theme. Do not set it to use the QT/KDE theme for GTK+ apps though, but set it by default to the native GTK+ ia ora theme (i.e. actually the same as now) Frederik Himpe REFUSED by GTK+ Mandriva maintainer
Make the ksplash prettier Chris Desjardins
Make Konqueror the default web browser for everything. It's really annoying to have to load firefox as it's much slower and less integrated than konqueror with KDE. Chris Desjardins WONTFIX
Add kdegames on the One CD Chris Desjardins
Please stick with Konqueror as default fm and not D3lphin. Chris Desjardins DONE
Install by default kdegraphics-ksvg Balcaen John Image:bug_small.png Bug #35321 DONE
Under Konqueror (and maybe on the Metabar), when the user try a right-clic, he may have the choice: Create a New OpenOffice Writer file or Create a New OpenOffice Calc file. Janot
Improve mime-type associations for KDE applications Assigned to: Helio Castro. Status: 0% - not started.
Improved crash dialog in KDE Assigned to: Helio Castro. Status: 0% - not started.
Add support for RandR 1.2 Assigned to: Gustavo Boiko.Status: 60% - krandr, a system tray tool for configuring RandR in KDE, was written by Gustavo Boiko and introduced to Cooker in krandr- on August 28th. It is still undergoing improvement and refinement.
Choose sound servers for KDE3, KDE4 Status: 0% - not started.
Add more stations on kweather applet,for example in the bug report there's a patch for French West Indies and French Guiana Balcaen John Image:bug_small.png Bug #35562
Merge/delete redundancies between KDE Control Center and the Mandriva Control Center, such as printing and screen configuration. Fernand Pajot Image:bug_small.png Bug #36108


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Provide NetworkManager compatible dbus api in net_applet, so GNOME (and other) applications can detect network status Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #35107
Stop polling in net_applet Frederik Himpe
Enable the wifi led on laptop when using ipw2200 by default Balcaen John Image:bug_small.png Bug #34709
Improve power saving with ipw2100/2200 Reinout van Schouwen Image:bug_small.png Bug #34623, Image:bug_small.png Bug #29388
Try to make it possible to use "cellphone modem" connected through USB for the internet, such as 'Huawei E220 USB modem' Jan Pihlgren
replace netprofile by a maintained alternative Guillaume Rousse
It's exiting add SSL Explorer (vpn ssl) with share folder for users. By default limited acces a share folders for SSL Explorer. It permitted secure transfer, easy transfer (enter home, job, friends) view : http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?p=425337#425337 Jeff  ?

Mandriva Configuration Tools


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Currently, there are no possibilities to disable a VPN configuration, the procfix server or a SAMBA server created with drakconf. Add the possibility to remove/disable each created server/vpn-configuration with drakconf Daniel Beck
Make the tools usable in 640*480 resolution, especially the tool for changing the resolution... manuell
Allow to drak3d to set emerald as default window decorator when compiz fusion is enabled killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35461
Use action verbs instead of [Yes/No] in dialogs buttons in all the Mandriva tools Luis Menina Image:bug_small.png Bug #31857
Improve ergonomy of Mandriva tools (less useless pop-ups, less display bugs [2] xavy94 Image:bug_small.png Bug #25181 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35177
Add security center (parental control, configuration interface for firewalls (such as zone alarm), anti-viruses) xavy94 Image:bug_small.png Bug #15341 Image:bug_small.png Bug #17250
Add an easy configuration interface for sound (in order to replace kmix) xavy94 ?
Add a monitoring system (with automatic configuration of lm_sensors) => e.g. sysconfig ? xavy94 ?
Add an automatical bug report (crash report...) tool (with gdb installed by default) xavy94 ?
Add a synchronization tool for PDAs, mobile phones (maybe with helping kmobiletools/gammu/OpenSync/Conduit...projects) xavy94 ?
Have only one password manager, for all system applications (formular into Firefox, mails, Kopete...) xavy94 ?
Add an "open as root" option when you right click on a file. xavy94 ?
Allow users to change access rights for directory or file without any shell !! (ask root password if they are not allowed to do so) xavy94
Tool for upgrade system to the latest version (exemple upgrade 2007 to 2008.1) xavy94
Improve the dialogs redrawing policy of Mandriva Tools. For example, when you install updates with rpmdrake, the UI is frozen and not redrawn if you Alt+Tab and the come back. This can be seen by the user as a problem with the application, and he may think that the application hanged. Luis Menina Image:bug_small.png Bug #35177
Add an option to disable AIGLX in drakx11 Balcaen John
Add a tool to configure multimedia keys, not relying only on keyboard definitions, but asking users to press keys and define XF86 symbols for them valz Image:bug_small.png Bug #34926 Comment #6
Add an option to screen configuration tool to easily configure multiple monitors. For example which one is primary one and which one is secondary one, which one is on the left, which mode to use (clone, extend desktop, ...)... Jure Repinc Image:bug_small.png Bug #17481
WPA-EAP support in network configuration tools Assigned to: Olivier Blin. Status: 0% - not started.
Introduce a consolidated network configuration / management tool Assigned to: Olivier Blin. Status: 75% - draknetcenter was introduced to Cooker in drakx-net-0.13-1mdv2008.0 and to the beta process in RC1. It is still undergoing improvement and testing.
Stop polling in net_applet Frederik Himpe Assigned to: Oliver Blin. Status: 0% - not started.
Implement notification (via dbus) in net_applet Frederik Himpe Assigned to: Olivier Blin. Status: 0% - not started.
Replace drakloop with LUKS-based system Assigned to: Pascal Rigaux (pixel). Status: 0% - not started.
User data migration support Assigned to: Olivier Blin and Thierry Vignaud. Status: 70% - transfugdrake has been revived and updated. It is now a front end to Ubuntu's migration-assistant, which has been packaged with some important fixes for a segfault and a leak.
Drakvirt improvements Assigned to: Olivier Blin. Status: 20% - in progress.
Add NVIDIA and ATI configurators' features to XFdrake Assigned to: Gustavo Boiko and Pascal Rigaux (pixel). Status: 0% - not started. Note that the upstream configuration tools have been added to the Mandriva driver packages.
Add support for creation and management of LUKS-encrypted partitions to diskdrake Assigned to: Pascal Rigaux (pixel). Status: 0% - not started.
Consider USB storage devices a target for backups in drakbackup Frédéric Cuif Assigned to: Thierry Vignaud. Status: 0% - not started.
Drakbackup is not really user friendly. 1) You switch to another screen each time you select an option : configuration should be set in one screen, with all the buttons on the left and the description of the backup on the right. 2) In the french GUI, you have a button "sauvegarder" (save) and we don't know if that means "sauvagarder les paramètres" (save settings) or "lancer la sauvagarde" (launch backup). 3) There's no button to reset all the settings or delete the previous settings selected ! 4) Moreover, Drakbackup sould synchronize datas between two HD. 5) Drakbackup force you to compress saved datas, why ? this tool should ask you if you want to compress your saved datas or not. 6) simplify the backup lap time menu Frédéric Cuif
Create proper, public project pages for Mandriva tools, clean up and refactorize their infamous code to make them more visible, easier and more appealing for others to adopt and/or participate in development and maintenance of. With the few people left at Mandriva with good knowledge and understanding of code this is starting to get crucial as currently there's a quite fragily dependence on these few individuals who are capable to easily maintain and develop them further - if departure of these occurs a nightmare of maintenance & further development will be a reality. Per Øyvind Karlsen Assigned to: Fabrice Facorat (work on project pages) & Mandriva R&D team? @ Aboukir Status: Fabrice has proposed and started(?) on project pages. Probably a bit too optimistic to hope for code refactorization if only short term cost/gain is considered..?
add parental control for children ? view : http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?p=425337#425337 http://www.poesia-filter.org/ Jeff  ?


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Enable USB sound devices again, but configure them as a second audio device if other sound devices are available. Create an option in draksound to change the default audio device. Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #8004 and others
The system should enable automatically digital sound by optical output when aviable on motherboard and plugged (like windows. alsa supports digital sound) Fredxx
Draksound sould be extended to be able to configure easily multichannel decoding by digital output (1 button, with passthrough in apps), and given a test button to test microphone input, and multichannel decoding output. Fredxx
Sound setup should be declared in the installation, since more and more computers are bundled with onboard sound cards, and may have an additionnal one. This is not easy to do automatically since the installer may not be able to detect the speakers, but asking the user should be ok. The solution is to provide an 'index' parameter for the cards (index=0 will ensure this card is initialized first). There is a long-time demand for this on bugzilla and forums. Dr_ST Image:bug_small.png Bug #2521, Image:bug_small.png Bug #5992, Image:bug_small.png Bug #20683, Image:bug_small.png Bug #20782, Image:bug_small.png Bug #21666, Image:bug_small.png Bug #25542, Image:bug_small.png Bug #27092, Image:bug_small.png Bug #27760, Image:bug_small.png Bug #28778, Image:bug_small.png Bug #30108, Image:bug_small.png Bug #30649, Image:bug_small.png Bug #31115, Image:bug_small.png Bug #32926, Image:bug_small.png Bug #35142, to mention some


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Support creation of LUKS encrypted partitions Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #30929
Add fuse + ntfs-3g packages in One editions Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #35336
Resize partitions from the left and the right Jean-Yves Le Goff (glyj) Image:bug_small.png Bug #19867
Allow "right click -> formating" (with options, like kfloppy) on the desktop icons for external drives pluged (usb keys and drives) Frédéric Cuif (Fredxx)
Use GPT disk label instead of MBR if both are available Jerome H
Simplify user's rights configuration. By default a user should be able to acces vfat partitions without any need to chage a line of the /etc/fstab file (for all drives, internal or external) Frédéric Cuif (Fredxx)


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Easy way (graphical one) to allow choose/change between synthesis <-> full hdlists repos Th3n3k Image:bug_small.png Bug #31032  ?
Make RPMDrake more low-bandwith user friendly:
  • Show total progress bar when installing more than one package. With the actual behaviour (one progress bar by each package) users don't be able to know the total time remains/total size remaining. Very useful for low-bandwith users.
  • Add graphical options to configure principal urpmi.cfg options (not only wget/curl and package check stuff), like 'noclean' options (that option don't exists on 2008.0 but I think it should be implemented: see below, under RPM/URPMI section).
Th3n3k Image:bug_small.png Bug #25181 Image:bug_small.png Bug #13522  ?
Make it simpler to add Mandriva CD/DVD as installation source Vedran Ljubovic Image:bug_small.png Bug #30842  ?
Add *real* support for Suggests in rpmdrake:
  • Display a list of suggested packages (package name + summary) with checkboxes
Image:bug_small.png Bug #34919 Image:bug_small.png Bug #29155  ?
If package installed a menu entry, display a popup window explaining that the package was added to menu and shortcut to run it (all of this can be read from .desktop file).  ?
rpmdrake-find-leaves Christophe Gaubert Image:bug_small.png Bug #30557  ?
Mirrors should be selected by default, with just a question about installation of plf repos.xavy94 similar to: Image:bug_small.png Bug #35687
Re-Start download of RPM when internet connection has failed xavy94
Show total size of packages in "Additional packages required" dialog Divius
If possible, show KDE3.5 and KDE4 in separate categories in rpmdrake.mrdrewed
Put task- packages to better use so they're more visible and actually gets used by regular users. RPMDrake could have it's own section with 'wizards' using the task meta packages. Per Øyvind Karlsen  ?
Creates an easy software installer for the newbies. This software installer could be based on "task-*" meta packages, or could rely on a list of packages to install for each software, with options. For example, installing "KOffice" means optionally selecting many packages. Installing "KMPlayer" means choosing the backends, if non-free codecs must be installed, and so on. It is something between the big packages groups provided by the DrakInst installer and the fine-grained RPMDrake. Benoît Minisini
Add a restricted mode, similar to rurpmi. Guillaume Rousse  ?
It would be useful that the research of software is not exclusively made among graphic applications when this choice is made by default because a newbie could conclude that the package does not exist. Pierre Biava


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Refine the user interface of transfugdrake. In 2008 it asks for importing 3 things on 3 different pages. Make it 1 page.dexter11 Image:bug_small.png Bug #36209  ?
Merge the windows font importing wizard from drakfont into transfugdrake. That would mean placing two more radio buttons on the same page with the previous ones.dexter11Image:bug_small.png Bug #33621  ?

Network Center

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
WPA2 / WPA-Enterprise / WPA2-Enterprise not supported in Mandriva (wireless connectivity options) Sam Bailey (for others) Image:bug_small.png Bug #34714, Image:bug_small.png Bug #23925  ?
improve draknet: remove/create network interfaces, show if they are protected by firewall, handle ppp connections killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35612
give the possibility to add some wireless networks as "favorites" with an ordered list so that the computer automatically connects to them when it is in the area, for instance, by remembering the mac address of those spots Rémy Clouard


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Reduce net_applet memory consumption. Luis Menina Image:bug_small.png Bug #31859
Reduce mdkonline memory consumption. Luis Menina Image:bug_small.png Bug #31860 WONTFIX


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Add software repositories via weblink

How about something like the One Click install in OpenSuSE and their software portal software.opensuse.org/search for Mandriva?

Javier Martínez Villacampa Image:bug_small.png Bug #35061  ?
A 'noclean' global option on urpmi.cfg (exists --noclean option if you use urpmi from console but there is no way to use it if you use graphical gui like mdk_applet or rpmdrake). There are many people with more than one computer with same version of Mandriva installed with more or less the same programs and when there are updates, they download them twice or more: why not add an option to urpmi.cfg (with the proper graphical way to configure it on rpmdrake, as I stated above) that permit globaly that packages won't be erased after a correct installation? This way banwidth from Mandriva repos will be saved too. Th3n3k Image:bug_small.png Bug #13522  ?
Make URPMI able to be used without internet connection: add a way to configure repos without a need to inet connection (downloading from another computer a rpm package wich contains hdlists and all needed info, for example) and a way to handle dependencies offline (something like apt-zip on debian systems: a way that urpmi tells you the URL for all the needed packages. You'll download those URL on a connected PC and then you'll bring to the non-connected one) Th3n3k Image:bug_small.png Bug #31893  ?
Make urpmi download next packages in the background while upgrading package to speed up process Per Øyvind Karlsen  ?
Implement an urpmi back-end for PackageKit and provide the gnome-packagekit GUI as a much nicer HIG-compliant alternative for rpmdrake Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #34416  ?
Implement -latest metapackages for DKMS modules Jérôme Martin Assigned to: Olivier Blin, Pascal Rigaux (pixel) and Luiz Capitulino. Status: already implemented in 2008.0
Get rid of file dependencies Assigned to: Pascal Rigaux (pixel). Status: 0% - not started.
Implement generation of metalinks based on geoip data at api.mandriva.com so users don't have to worry about selecting mirrors. Using aria2 as client for metalinks will also add support for segmented downloading so that users can get higher speeds if their bw is bigger than what mirrors might provide. This should also help avoid problems when a mirror is not up to date, other mirrors will be tried as well. Per Øyvind Karlsen Image:bug_small.png Bug #35687 Assigned to: Per Øyvind Karlsen Status: 90% complete, few final fixes left and code needs to be commited as well
Add an option on update in order to get only security (not bugfix) updates, as shown in rpmdrake Dr_ST Assigned to: Pascal Rigaux (pixel). Status: 0% - not started.
Are you possible add the configurations a ISCSI in the drakconf ? view is here : http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?p=425337#425337 Jeff Template:Suggestion
Use tag for rpm and hdlist, for allow better and easyer search, and display.

For exemple one tag for "GUI" and one for "application", these two are what search newbee who are lost with all the other package(they don't acre about lib). libfash "plugin", "plugin:mozilla", "video", "animation", "network", "mark:adobe", "streaming","streaming:video" gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg "plugin", "video", "codec", "gstreamer", "plugin:gstreamer", "codec:ffmpeg"



Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Use KDE-like hierarchy on SVN server: one PO directory for each language. This will help translators' work and reduce waste of time, space, band, ... A. Celli  ?  ?
Translate packages descriptions as Fedora already does, and Ubuntu is starting to do. Currently many users can't choose which application they will install as their descriptions are not in their native languages Luis Menina Image:bug_small.png Bug #35176 RESOLVED
List all countries in Mandriva One. Make whatever fixes neccessary to the installer to create One images with as many locales as possible, but without the i18n. Image:bug_small.png Bug #23303
ONE: Offer to download and install i18n packages when user chooses a country that isn't supported, just like Ubuntu does. (This depends on another wish: to ship Mandriva with preconfigured mirrors or autoconfigured based on user location.)
Really 100% translation Assigned to: Thierry Vignaud and the i18n team. Status: unknown.
Give QA team tools to test translations Assigned to: Thierry Vignaud and the i18n team. Status: 0% - not started.
Fix bootsplash message localization. Image:bug_small.png Bug #35465
Make lang selection at booting reflect actual locales installed in One. Image:bug_small.png Bug #35879

Release Procedure

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Release "Mandriva One" Betas/cooker snapshots as often as possible in order to increase the number of feedbacks xavy94
Create new isos available for stable versions with all the update integrated like a 2008.0.1 every 2 months Balcaen John
Have REAL release candidates. mrdrewed


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Media.cfg on is not properly filled to allow all distribution checks. Some information are redondant to ensure integrity, but are missing. mdv-distrib-tools package provide an application to check it. Olivier Thauvin
Lot of MD5SUM files are not correct on mirrors. Even the media is empty, index and their md5 should exists and be corrects, this is especially true for updates media that user should setup on any installation. Olivier Thauvin
Generate metalinks for mirrors on api.mandriva.com based on geoip data. Per Øyvind Karlsen Image:bug_small.png Bug #35687 Assigned to: Per Øyvind Karlsen Status: 90% Code is more or less at production quality and can be easily adopted for api.mandriva.com, it just needs to be done. Package 'python-geomcfly' is available in cooker, project page is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/geomcfly


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Include PDF documentation directly on the desktop, with usefull links to the wiki on it and the online documentation Frédéric Cuif


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Long awaited msec V2 or should we simply drop msec ? yoho
Ensure smooth upgrade for people using drakloop to cryptoluks yoho

Build system and tools

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
I'd like to request a new Bugzilla status for bugs. The idea is that the user

who is submitting the bug report can mark his\her bug as SolutionProvided or something like that if he\she knows how to solve the bug and gives the solution. These bugreports could fasten the time a fix gets into the distro therefore should be handled with some priority. And of course it can make the amount of complaints less. To show you some examples see Image:bug_small.png Bug #35028 or Image:bug_small.png Bug #26375. The second is a year old and it could have been fixed easily.

dexter11 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35070 RESOLVED INVALID
Once and for all fix all no signature/wrong signature problems in the build system (for example texlive-texmf-fonts-2007-12mdv2008.0.noarch.rpm on cooker is still missing a signature) Frederik Himpe
We need an automatic way to fix packages location and to remove binaries w/o sources. I wrote such tools in past, it need adaptation to handle new media subtype (release/updates/testing) Link to SVN. This would allow to move only the src rpm from a media to another and ensure all binaries are either removed or moved. Olivier Thauvin
Have someone assigned to mirror problems, a webpage such as http://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/mdvstatus/distrib/2008.0/i586 and email notifications (or even better : auto-bugzilla bug creation) sent/assigned to this responsible when there's a problem yoho

Printing and scanning

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Minimal footprint for no-printer configurations Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 70% - Done for 2008.0, but can still be improved.
Split printing-related packages based on printer manufacturer Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner and Oden Eriksson. Status: 100%
Review default configuration: allow browse local subnet, allow only localhost for /admin Assigned to: Marcelo Leitner. Status: 0% - not started.


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Check all top games at icculus.org are packaged Status: 0% - not started.
Check all games on this blog post about Ubuntu games are packaged - Ultrastar NG and FretOnFire (at least) are missing yoho Status: 0% - not started.
Improve Wiimote support Assigned to: Olivier Blin. Status: 0% - not started.
Introduce a joystick configuration / calibration tool Assigned to: Olivier Blin. Status: 0% - not started.
Try to split games package: accelerated or not  ??
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