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Mailing lists associated with Mandriva Linux distributions.



cooker (

Generic discussions about the current Cooker distribution.

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cooker-commits (

Automated commit list for the Cooker SVN repository. Sign up if you want to receive by email all commits done to the SVN repository. Never receives emails from humans.

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cooker-amd64 (

AMD64 development related discussions.

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cooker-ppc (

PPC development related discussions.

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cooker-server (

Server related discussions.

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cooker-i18n (

Internationalization and localization mailing list.

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changelog (

Changelogs of all the new packages uploaded into the Cooker distribution or community versions. numero rio rio bouygues rio orange Packages removals or moves are also notified. About 2000 mails per month.

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cooker-urpm (

urpmi/perl-URPM/rpmdrake related dicussions.

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Other lists

bugs (

Mandriva Linux Bugs mailing list. Splitted from the Cooker list. Contains mail notifications of all Bugzilla changes.

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bugteam (

Mandriva Linux Bug Squad mailing list. Discussions about bug maintenance issues. Mainly used by Bug Squad members, but open to the public.

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Mandriva Linux KDE mailing list. This mailling list is aimed to discuss about all KDE related issues.

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kernel-discuss (

Discussion about the Mandriva kernel. Open for users and developers.

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mdv-distro-tools (

Distribution related tools discussions.

  • Build system
  • Upload mechanism
  • CD creation tools (Mkcd or draklive)
  • Mirroring process
  • Rebuild bot (iurt)

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nomaintainer (

This list will get bugzilla mails related with orphan packages, you are free to subscribe to this list if you want to be notified about bugs related with them and work with orphan packages.

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web-discuss (

Mandriva web discussions.

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web-l10n (

Mandriva websites localization efforts discussion list.

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web-qa (

Mandriva websites qa discussion list; includes development discussions (replaces what web-discuss used to be in that regard) and bug reports from Bugzilla.

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Restricted lists

maintainers (

List for package maintainers only: discussion of packaging issues, package removal requests etc.

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List for mirror maintainers only. Information about mirror changes, update, problems if you are running or want to run a Mandriva Linux mirror. See this page for more infos.

Old lists


Smart package manager development discussions.

The smart list has moved. It is now at [1]

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to one of the lists, just send a mail to the associated mailing list server (in parenthesis) with subject subscribe the_name_of_the_list (e.g. subscribe cooker-server) and nothing in the body.

How to Post

Simply send an email to the relevent list address. This will be provided to you when you send your subscription email as noted above.

Caution !
You should avoid using mailing list names in the body of any message you post as this will confuse Sympa. Words to Avoid : Paris (e.g. the city)


By following this, you will make you posting clear, and nice for reading to everyone.

  • No top-posting

Why? It looks ugly, and only confuses people. Make sure that your answer is under the quoted text.

  • No HTML e-mails

Not everyone here uses fancy e-mail clients. Before you send your message to any Mandriva mailing lists, please make sure you message is composed in plain text.

  • No spam

Do not post useless, and/or pointless messages !

Learn more about how to follow etiquette here !

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe to one of the lists, just send a mail to the associated mailing list server (in parenthesis) with subject unsubscribe the_name_of_the_list (e.g. unsubscribe cooker-server) and nothing in the body. Please use the same email address as when initially subscribing.

Using web interface of Sympa






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