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This page is a first work document to list all proposed ideas for technical specifications for Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring release. Please list all needed information so that we can ask for more information if needed. It's also important to fill a bug in Bugzilla to keep history for any kind of proposal.


How to submit a suggestion into Bugzilla

  1. If you are not yet registered in Bugzilla, create an account
  2. Log in
  3. Enter a new issue into Bugzilla
  4. In the distribution list, choose "Mandriva Cooker".
  5. Select the Mandriva Tool or the package the suggestion/idea is relating to.
  6. Select the version, the component and the architecture.
  7. In the Severity field, choose "enhancement".
  8. Add a basic summary and a detailed description of your suggestion/idea.
  9. Click on "Commit"

Voting in Bugzilla

Features and Bugs that people have voted for in bugzilla can be found here;

Most hated (ie. voted for) bugs

Most wanted (ie. voted for) features

These 'may' reflect the level of demand for an ehancement or fix.


You can submitt your ideas until:

Base system

kernel, hardware support

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status

Make the Kernel compatible with VMware Tools. John Minter Image:bug_small.png Bug #43453 See Bugzilla
Improved support for SiS190 and SiS191 Network cards on ASUS Laptops and ASUS Desktops
A release kernel from the official Linus Mainline branch and NOT a release candidate kernel that is pulled when major work is going on at
linus kernel sources, ncurses-devel gcc automake and make included on the livecd and openoffice dropped in favour of. Then people that need to compile kernel drivers to use networking, Can.
Improve the support for netbooks like ASUS Eee PC. Image:bug_small.png Bug #42689 NEW
kernel module for ieee1394 dvd-rw drive work not properly after suspend ivan8211
make again usable the webcam operated by the driver gspca with skype,amsn, kopete etc, expecially on 64bit picard12
Make sure ipw3945 module compiles Image:bug_small.png Bug #43579
better support for e-SATA external drives (seen as external drives like USB drives). Fredxx
Better support for sound card based on the Intel chipset family 82801H,I-ICH8,9,10 DaaX

Image:bug_small.png Bug #45838 Image:bug_small.png Bug #38706 Image:bug_small.png Bug #44855 etc.

Improve greatly and the support for DVB (or TNT in France) in Mandriva. It is extremely used and usefull and would give a serious advantage to Mandriva. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f Coming soon...
Fingerprint authentication support killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #30791
Release Mandriva One in both 32 bit [i586/686] and 64bit [X64] formats..So that users of newer high end processor can utilize more from the OS. Since Mandriva is a mainstream OS developer , providing 64bit version of the most used MDV distro is must :) Dark Star, freed
Integrate Smolt project into Mandriva Yuri Myasoedov
Correct the Hardware detection problem with Marvell 88SE61xx chipset yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #43975 and this link NEW
upgrade lilo from 22.6.1 to 22.8 for better support for UUID and RAID yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46805 DONE
Add support for DVB-S2 Spike NEW
Driver for realtech RTL8187 wireless chipset is in need of much improvement,(at least for the 64 bit kernels) Blackpanther-ST 06:01, 9 March 2009 (CET)


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Set intel graphics cards to use EXA instead of XAA as default instead of XAA by default. XAA will disapear eventually.

others (gcc, glibc, udev...)

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Development tools for the nice Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform.avr-gcc,avr-gcc-c,avr-gdb,avr-libc,avr-libc-doc,avr-binutils. There is rpms for fc8 JanPihlgren
Improve Splashy: reintroduce the feature to see the background image behind the prompt messages during the boot killer1987
Fix the relation with jpackage project to make their package compatible with Mandriva jmartin
Fix the automatic sound configuration script. 2009.0 users are reporting needing to run alsaconf to solve sound issues. alsaconf is there for a reason. Install it by default and use it to configure cards automatically.
Notify users about long running process during boot like DKMS module compilation FACORAT Fabrice Image:bug_small.png Bug #46149
upgrade module-init-tools 3.3-pre11 to 3.5 (latest stable) to fix several memory leaks and reduce overhead Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46790 DONE (20090204 : in 3.6 final release)
upgrade glibc from 2.8 to 2.9 for better IPV6 support and better support for Indian languages Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46793 DONE
upgrade udev from 130 to 135 for optimizing some of the computing expensive parts and very reduced memory use Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46799 DONE (20090129 : in 137 final release)
upgrade libtools from 1.5.26 to 2.2.6a for more stability Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46800 DONE (20090127 : in 2.2.6a final release)

Packages management


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Regroup the mozilla applications (sunbird, thunderbird, firefox) with their concerned language's RPM in the MCC.Sunbird is located in "bureautique" but the rpm's languages are located in "reseaux-WWW".Thunderbird is located in "reseau-courrier electronique", but the rpm's languages are located in "reseaux-WWW".clamav-db is located in "bases de données", but the GUI are located in "i don't remember where they are !!!" i think it could be easier if it was at the same places.packthead NEEDINFO
General cleanup in contrib repository: a lot of old, broken, unmaintained and uninstallable packages are still provided in contrib repository wasting mirror space and causing a lot of bugs that won't be fixed being sent to bugzillaPacho RamosImage:bug_small.png Bug #30890
Add an automatic dependency selection that is enabled by default so as not to overwhelm the new user. JadziaMD Image:bug_small.png Bug #46120
Drop urpmi.setup*: doesn't work properly and can be used instead Pacho Ramos Image:bug_small.png Bug #30921included in specs
plf repo versions of installed packages only recieve updates from plf and not Mandriva.
Advice about what package repositories actually are and what they do contain. More info : I'd like at the bottom of drakrpm-edit-media, a text zone describing what a package repository is : the kind of support provided, if it's official or not, which license the software is. This text should be included in a file available on the repository itself. Localization of this file should be possible. For instance, the name of this file could be repository_policy.nn_nn where nn_nn is the language code of the text inside. This file is optional and its translations are also optional, but if it's available on the repository, then drakrpm-edit-media should display it (displaying text in the current locale and falling back to english if translation is unavailable). This file can also be signed : if signed by mandriva key, then the repository is considered as "official" and drakrpm-edit-media should show it explicitely. Of course, I expect this file to exist at least for all official Mandriva repositories (main/* contrib/* and non-free/*). yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #39595
Ability to select which protocols can be used by urpmi yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #43489
Ability to add/remove languages to the existing set of installed packages after installation (low priority). More info: users may install the distro in english, and after installation, forgot they should have added french to their languages. If they install locale-fr package, only the next packages which will be installed will have french (not the existing one). According to tv (seen on the cooker list), this feature is already possible, but has to be done "by hand". I think draklocale could integrate this feature : you should be able to reinstall all currently installed packages by using --replacepkgs option and maybe clever : only reinstall .mo/.po files for these packages. yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #36202
Old unused kernel and kernel-source use a lot of disk space : handle them like orphans (keep the previous one, but not the version before) yoho included in specs
urpme : sentence suggesting to run --auto-orphan should be split in two .:Spip:. Image:bug_small.png Bug #42484
Develop a graphical interface to deal with the deletion of orphan packages (ref. : urmpe --auto-orphans) DaaX included in specs
Display by default the source of a package. Today, to know the source of the package, you must click on "details" and it's boring ! It should be better to display it in a separate column after the version column Fredxx
Improve backports media management (consistency between urpmi and rpmdrake) E2e574496ffa4a3ca22158b88f24cbde Image:bug_small.png Bug #40556
improve AND USE urpmi (rpmdrake) suggest feature killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #34919
Fix or drop urpmc. Wally000 Image:bug_small.png Bug #10258
Do not interrupt rpmdrake : when a problem occurs while installing or downloading a set of packages, only report it in a summary at the end of the operation, no need to ask the user "Proceed Y/N ?" in the middle of it yoho
Auto removing dependencies when removing a package in order to save disk space and to have a cleaner mandriva E4c0662a4c2ebbc4cd70651016c238d1 Image:bug_small.png Bug #43723
Integrated LSUS (Linux Server Update Service) in the MCC for the update linux and windows package Jeff
add fonctionality auto updates and schedule hours updates Jeff
upgrade rpm from 4.6.0 to 5.1.6 for LZMA compression and now can automatically track and download the vendor distribution files Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46839 INVALID
improve the support for delta rpm packages in urpmi. alphazine Image:bug_small.png Bug #24535

GUI tools: mdkonline, rpmdrake

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Reduce memory usage and startup time of mandriva applets (mdkonline, snapshots, netapplet, etc...) 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f Image:bug_small.png Bug #45885
Add a graphical restore function to draksnapshot 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f included in specs
the ability to set manually the modem port like ACM0, ttyXX, etc when you try to configure gprs/edge/3g device, and the ability to disable the pin request, mybe with a option "expert mode"picard12
add a screenshot of the graphical apps in rpmdrake nerville Image:bug_small.png Bug #45896 included in specs
Ability to run "Install available upgrades and shutdown" by clicking on icon when upgrades are available Jorge
After the first beta is out, do not make any major changes to rpmdrake/urpmi. DO announce the new features and ask for broad testing. Make sure the updates work BEFORE release. hajma
Drop or fix Rfbdrake: some bugs opened against it, it's not maintained actively since years Pacho Ramos included in specs
Use in draknetcenter a better icon for interfaces protected by firewall killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35612
Allow to see the ppp0 interfaces in Draknetcenter killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #34507
reorganize the categories that lists the software in rpmdrake killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46028
Use ratings by popularity (and goodness) of programs in rpmdrake killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #37199 included in specs
allow rpmdrake to install packages and dependencies and store all in the disk creating a local mirror killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35624
improve and implement in rpmdrake the urpme --auto-orphans killer1987 included in specs
Add the ability to create pptp VPNs with drakvpn instead of using drakconnect, so all creation of VPNs can be done from drakvpn Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #45836
Add the ability to mount an iso via gui tools or a context menu Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #45837
Add an option on update in order to get only security (not bugfix) updates, as shown in rpmdrake steletch
Add an option in rpmdrake (or in to put the content of the DVD on the disk, as is available during the installation step steletch
Like the above, allow to copy only the "commercial" medias on the disk (so the rest can be grabbed from internet) steletch
Increase the overall ergonomy and consistency of the tools, as this is a long-standing work in progress: UI_review Usability_project steletch

Image:bug_small.png Bug #31857 Image:bug_small.png Bug #39684 Image:bug_small.png Bug #39301 Image:bug_small.png Bug #34732

Embed progress bars in rpmdrake while installing packages to avoid many popups steletch Image:bug_small.png Bug #31857
Do not add non-free repository by default for Free edition shikamaru Image:bug_small.png Bug #40033
Incorporate rpmdrake and DVD in such a way that when DVD [free / Powerpack] is inserted in any version [One/free/flash/Powerpack] , rpmdrake opens up and allow user to add available software in DVD just like installing packages from edubuntu CD in ubuntu.. Dark Star
RPMDrake : when you install a package you saved on your desktop and you install it, the software installer displays two progress bars : one total progress bar and one "per package" progress bar. It gives a better view of the installation progress when you install more than one packages, and is also used to update from 2008.1 to 2009.0. These two progress bars should be implemented in rpmdrake and displayed when you install packages with rpmdrake. Currently, it shows only one. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
RPMDrake  : Clicking on package automatically starts downloading package information , this may confuse users [newbies] as package installation so please either remove this feature or store package information in PC itself. Aborting the package stats hangs rpmdrake , same happens when it starts downloading package when user is offline.. Sometimes the package information are quite big in size so better opt for a alternative method.. Addition to the above rpmdrake didn't list features nicely , it should be done with proper manner and with screen-shot if possible for better information.. Dark Star
rpmdrake : improve backports media management (don't use disabled media, consistency between urpmi and rpmdrake) E2e574496ffa4a3ca22158b88f24cbde Image:bug_small.png Bug #40556
RPMDrake  : Allow the user to edit the update media to include repositories other than /updates. Use an expert button like in diskdrake, and add a warning as to why this should/shouldn't be done. Donald Stewart Image:bug_small.png Bug #45786
mdkonline : allow to unselect some packages you do not wish to update E2e574496ffa4a3ca22158b88f24cbde Image:bug_small.png Bug #29835
add a tool to customize and properly activate the power management of CPU, as governor choosing to use, changing the mode of operation. One frontends cpufreq.conf picard12
add draklive in MCC in order to create a backup iso file that is also a personalized live CD. Quoting A. Williamson 'flash freeze my current environment and turn it into a live CD' FT
Add an option in RPMDrake to allow searching in descriptions too. Searching is very frustant when you are searching a program that does something but you don't know the name, and the name of the package is completely unrelated or odd. B3b936e04eca6cdfcd96ba815e108133
MCC  : Add perlbox and the sphynx system to the reposiories, and add an option to configure perlbox graphically, and to allow for the system to be control by voice, allow dictation and recitation. More info here Donald Stewart Image:bug_small.png Bug #40548
Add a tool in DrakConf to install/configure webcams motitos Image:bug_small.png Bug #45832
improve the bluetooth audio device (headset) support picard12
improve the text to speech like festival system integration, expecially whith the italian lang pack (actually is missing in repository) and it is possible, use it under openoffice picard12
add a voice recognize system able to control the pc picard12

Desktop environment


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Make sure that the usual shortcut ALT+F1 works even after switching from classic menu style to the kickoff style - now, if one switches to the kickoff style, ALT+F1 shortcut stops working and does not start working even after switching back to the classic menu style. Now it is a general problem of KDE - Fedora, Kubuntu are the same, Suse I am not sure. This bug is really annoying! jsekal
make sure a graphical desktop starts when even when the disk is full aapgorilla Image:bug_small.png Bug #46377
Add a newbie how-to during installation (or to the default desktop) killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #32617
make "lsusb" aviable for all users picard12
A better, more hierachical menu structure aapgorilla to be created we will keep existing menu
Add DNS cache by default for speeding up internet (by reducing delays) Kurt Kraut Image:bug_small.png Bug #45805
Improve 3D desktop performance greatly by implementing natively some options to compiz. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f Image:bug_small.png Bug #45908Looking at these options
When a detected disk is close to full up, an information bubble notification should appear at each user session startup to inform clearly the user. Currently, partmon only displays a message in the console during boot, which is not visible at all. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
A Video / Flash Tour describing Mandriva and its product along with Installation tips and educating new users about applications and tools available.. Just like Windows Tour or Pardus Video Dark Star
Create a meta package for eclipse environment and components : in comparison to Ubuntu, installing eclipse packages to program in Javascript and other is quite difficult and uneasy. Developping a meta package for eclipse would be great for programmers. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
Create a restore point as windows XP and Fedora Core 10... Jeff
Make evolution the package DHCP 4.0 (success tested) and module init tool 3.5 Jeff
Integrated in the MMC a equal Kiosk Admin Tool for the KDE 4.x because the parental control secure the world wild web et Kiosk Admin Tool secure the workspace in the workstation (watching Jeff
Devel one application catalog installed for the web interface (online) [watching LCS Caen] Jeff
Integrated SSL Explorer (vpn ssl) because the nomade work is current. Exist the hamachi (no secure) for windows and with linux ??? Jeff
Possibilitie for the parents a fixed the time connection of the session. (Example 15min, 30 in, 45min, 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H) Jeff
Make a notification that proprietary drivers for user's video card are available (like in Ubuntu) Yuri Myasoedov


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
sort the kde menu the same way it is sorted in the MCC "applications"packthead not included
a GUI with which to configure the buttons of multimedia keyboards picard12 apps already exist on that purpose
Suspend to disk, Suspend to ram and standby menu icons in kickoff. It's the default behaviour in kde4. Don't remove it this time. DONE
special keys (PrintScreen, Volume up/down/Mute) work out of the box hajma needs to be tested during releases
kde4 stupid sounds turned off by default or a Mandriva sound scheme created and used as default from creative commons audio.
Do not enable any of nepomuk by default and offer a Mandriva tool to configure it. nepomuk is pointless on a live cd, Is still not functional enough and uses far too much disk space for indexing currently.
enable nepomuk by default (if enough stable) and make the whole semantic system usable killer1987
enable kwin effects by default if possible killer1987 not included cannot be automatized*Beeing implemented upstream : @see KDE 4.2 specs
implement codeina feature in Dragon Player (as totem already does) killer1987 included in specs
reintroduce action panel (metabar?) in dolphin killer1987 KDE_bug not included
Change KDE4 widgets(to oxygen) and menu style(kickoff) for first 2009.1 alpha releases to get better feedbacks Sergio R. Lemke Image:bug_small.png Bug #45795 waiting for upstream information
Add to the mandriva-launcher-menu the feature of favourites tab killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #43365
Implement in KDE 4 for all the medias the programs that can be used to open them killer1987 Image 1 image 2 (it works only for k9copy Image:bug_small.png Bug #46150
Kickoff : improve defaults applications in favourites and computer (system) tabs E2e574496ffa4a3ca22158b88f24cbde Image:bug_small.png Bug #42422
Time-based desktop background feature, like in 2008.1 (was KDE 3.5, feature has to be contributed upstream) yoho included in specs
Redesign Log In Screen with something much better looking Dark Star
Change most used applications in mandriva launcher menu (KDE 4) to the kde 3.5 style. Right now, to launch one of most used applications, you have to enter a submenu, which is annoying. I propose to go back to the 3.5 system, in which recent applications are in top and can be run directly without entering any submenu. Alex Velez Image:bug_small.png Bug #46142
Restore user filesharing capabilities in Dolphin FACORAT Fabrice Image:bug_small.png Bug #43861
Allow to import most important KDE3 settings in KDE4 to ease transition/upgrade from KDE 3 to KDE 4 ( from CLI or with a GUI ) FACORAT Fabrice Image:bug_small.png Bug #42398
Include in kde4.2 the animated backgrounds from the Qedje project: freed DONE
Set folder view as background by default (traditional desktop) in KDE 4.2, as it is what most people is used to. Alex Velez
Include more beautiful themes and style already available in kde-look like Bespin and Diamond Max nicolap
Find a solution in order to make the MCC with qt4 and stop doing it only with gtk please nicolap
Include FireFox qt and not only the gtk version nicolap
Include at least one theme with a beautiful software launcher like cairo dock nicolap
Allow a different background for each desktop if desired. Alex


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Enable Oxygen as default icon theme for Gnome 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f Image:bug_small.png Bug #38334
Disable the forced and locked Ekiga icon on the Gnome desktop. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f Image:bug_small.png Bug #45887
use patch that doesn't display KDE desktop icons on the Gnome Desktop Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #47179
In appearance Preferences, more text colour control parameters are needed to make the darker themes usable, currently default black used in some dialogue boxes and in non active selection boxes gets hidden with a dark theme.Blackpanther-ST 05:28, 9 March 2009 (CET)


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
A Mandriva live One (also not official) with: 1) The last E17 desktop by default desktop; 2) An E17 default configuration for an user-friendly desktop, such as possible; 3) An external traybar (as etray or fbpanel) that includes by default the netapplet and the mdkapplet at least freed to be evaluated by E17 maintainer
Up-to-date set of packages for E17 (almost what we can get by compiling the script It should be updated for every new releases if possible (every 6 months). Neije


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
A Mandriva Lite installation image using the LXDE desktop environment as default and also to make it easier to create a desktop launcher in LXDE. EdwardP2 Image:bug_small.png Bug #40567


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Please bring back IceWM.

Not only because it is fast and requires almost no resources
(the "light" version rpm, is less than 1.5MB ),
but mainly because it is "bulletproof".
When everything else fails, IceWM will work!
Saved me quite a lot of times, so far....

nikos Image:bug_small.png Bug #48761


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
The new printing system should detect the printer during the installation and at each boot when the printer is already installed and plugged. killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #43592
Install the printer configuration tool by default in One edition (system-config-printer). DaaX Image:bug_small.png Bug #43635 WONT FIX
Make Firefox use the default printing settings for the user locale FACORAT Fabrice Image:bug_small.png Bug #45371
Include the system of the management a printer (example : pykota, pquota, papercut...) Allow identified the user, the printer, the toner level and the numbers of pages printing. Allow restricted the numbers of pages by days, by week, by month and make the statistic. Jeff

Office and Internet tools

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Provide texlive as default latex environment and upgrade to texlive 2008 deap Image:bug_small.png Bug #35991
create tools in the MCC for check internet connection. Use traceroute, one laptop icon a left screen (my computers) and one icon server ( a right screen. Between both one planet icon and green link Has every reached point. jeff


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Improve the out-of-the-box support for multimedia in Powerpack (codecs and browser plugins for the most popular formats: avi, mp3, wmv, rmvb, flv, mp4, mov etc)lebarhon
Adobe® Flash® Plugin 10 both 32-bit and 64-bit (The current 64-bit is alpha but reported functional.)
Don't include Amarok 2 in final release if it is not fully fonctional enough. DaaX
Improve the sound quality and performance of PulseAudio : delete these "cuts" that can occur when playing sounds. Fedora has been working on it for its latest version (see release notes). 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
Replace Dragon Player with better alternative.. Please use Phonon-Xine or Phonon KDE in KDE version of Mandriva. It creates trouble with some media files Dark Star
use Phonom-gstreamer insted of xine 6arts
Add HDTV tuner support to TV time Blackpanther-ST 06:23, 9 March 2009 (CET)
If Linux and Mandriva are to gain ground on the mainstream os'es, we desperately need a Shockwave compatible player or plugin, since Adobe seems to be unwilling to write one for Linux. Blackpanther-ST 06:23, 9 March 2009 (CET)

Mandriva tools


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
virtio support for installing in KVM Frederik Himpe Image:bug_small.png Bug #45518
Install KVM and virt-manager by default if the CPU support hardware virtualization - <spuk> note some systems can't enable cpu virtualization even if the cpu supports it, also likely not very useful for common people Frederik Himpe
Fix the freeze on shutdown or reboot on live cd media.
Offer a reboot after installation tickbox before selecting to start the install process on the live cd installer and offer all the configuration options including bootloader installation options before the file copy operation.
Allow the user to set the hostname of the box during the installer. Every other distribution does it.
Use ext4 filesystem as default one or make it available in the filesystem list

@killer1987 : You can't currently boot from ext4 so useless as a default. It is also considered an experimental filesystem currently.

tv: Then we can either just backport this patch on grub or force /boot to be a separate partition like we do for other fses

Alex Velez: ext4 is now stable in kernel 2.6.28

killer1987 included in specs
Show the new release features during the installation process instead of showing the Mandriva editions killer1987 included in specs
IPV6 support in stage 1 Sylvie Terjan Image:bug_small.png Bug #45846 included in specs
Up to date documentation for automatic installation Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #45879
More flexibility in multiple automatic installation classes Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #45878
Correction of hostname affectation in stage 1 for DHCP installation Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #32725
Correction of wired interface detection in stage 1 Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #31479
Give the possibility of creating more than one user during setup process. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
A text box to input the precise size of the partition. alphazine
Include "Back" and "Quit" buttons in DrakX in order to have the possibility to return a previous screen and to be able to quit the installation during each stage.

killer1987 pamputt

Image:bug_small.png Bug #31857 review

A option for encrypting the whole system. alphazine Image:bug_small.png Bug #46143
Please consider to create a tiny /boot partition by default (50mo ?). It makes maintenance easier, allows to use a lot of different linux systems easely. /boot should be in ext2 or 3. Another avantage is that the rest of the systme could be in XFS for example and problems on booting will desappear (today such file's system are not supported by default) Neije
Provide summary guidelines or explanations at each stage of installation to help newbie understand what will be done. DaaX
Integrated the new version of LTSP "5" ( ) Jeff
At installation, when automatic partitioning is selected, the system creates a too big /swap partition (4GB). It should be a max. of 1.5GB. The root partition (/) is often too small. Should be at least 25 % of available space with a min. of 10GB. DaaX


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Use buttons instead of text link in the MCC : it is less difficult to click...packthead NEEDINFO
Draksec : Delete the option "Default choice" or "Choix par défaut" in french and show the option itself instead + Give more explanations in the tools's help window + Better classification of the options needed, categories in the option lists could make the list more clear. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f Image:bug_small.png Bug #40665 included in specs
Don't propose to install nvidia drivers when the upstream nvidia drivers are used (draktools - hardware).Same for ati drivers ? packthead
Up and down arrows in mcc bootloader configuration so that boot entries can be moved up and down. Saves pressing the up or down arrow loads if you dual boot and don't understand /boot/grub/menu.lst
Make All instead of Packages with a gui the default selection in the package manager from first time use. Users are confused when they are asked to search for and install firmware, Etc from the repos when they can't find it by searching.
Add a Go! button to the right of the search bar in the packagemanager. Currently requires the enter key to start a seach, A mouse click would be nice.
The option to select certain updates in the update manager and set them to ignore in future. To prevent constant reminders for unrequired updates like Mandriva versions over plf repo installed packages or regressed kernels (Common in 2009.0)
Make the package manager small windows that popup during searches or at every time the manager is started, Passive or don't let them notify the taskbar until they have finnished appearing and the package manager is ready to use.

Incorporating them straight into the ui is a better idea.

Add the ability to add a new icon for user in drakuser and not only change the icon nerville
A button in drakrpm-edit-media for expert mode that corresponds to the --expert option freed
Drakfirewall should dynamically detect the ports requested by programs (emule?) and allow to open them killer1987
Improve net_applet performance and usability or sobstitute it with knetworkmanager killer1987
mbr backup tool in the boot section of mcc. Can be an easy to use front end for the dd command and an mbr backup created at first install. mbr could then be backed up before grub updates to prevent a bricked system in case of a grub regression or at anytime by the user. The location of the backups must be made clear to the user and an option to backup into user's home dir should be available also. The user may then restore their mbr easily just by booting the live cd and using mcc.
Improve overall usability of all the draktools killer1987 Page 1 page 2
Keep net_applet, and make it more reactive and give exact signal strengh. The taskbar icon showing the network should be animated, showing an animation and progression when it tries to connect. The interface is more intuitive than networkmanager so keep it, it is great. Perhaps drakroam and draknetcenter should be turned into one single interface. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
userdrake : not intuitive to which groups a user should belong to : please add a scheme what each type of box (office/desktop/games/server etc.) should set by default as group membership for new users and at various msec levels dvgevers Image:bug_small.png Bug #21141
userdrake : display more avatars for user personalization. the older Mandriva avatars can be used, or simply use the avatars provided with Gnome and gdm. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
diskdrake : resize partitions "by the left side" yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #19867
Clean up the drakxtools family: remove the old/non-maintained/bugged tools, finish and improve the existing ones, and write documentation for all the tools. falbabien
*new* drakremote : re-write this tool to permit easy & secure remote control of distant computer, in order to help beginners who encounter problems with their Mandriva systems, and give them the choice between: free community support or Mandriva support (for a fee).Add GUI for setings terminal: XRDP, XDMCP, FreeNX. falbabien
diskdrake : Add some funcionality to rebuild easily a soft RAID array Osado Image:bug_small.png Bug #40553
diskdrake : Auto-partitionning should create a bigger / partition by default, currently it is too small. ti should be at least 10-12 GB big + reduce size attributed to the swap. It should not be as big as it is right now as default. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f
Add a new tool : a graphic frontend for ushare to make easy the compatiblity between the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC used as medias center Peuc See Coherence and applet
diskdrake  : Partitioning with Disk Drake corrupt the partition table. Even changing mount point does the same .. Please fix it and add more stability and options to disk drake.. Dark Star
drakproxy  : Allow to define mandatory proxies settings ( i.e which can't be modified by the users from the application ) FACORAT Fabrice Image:bug_small.png Bug #36064
rpmdrake should have the most general options bu default: graphical application should be replaced by all .:Spip:. Image:bug_small.png Bug #46349
add option in MCC (mandriva control center) to force/choose IP adress IPV4 or IPV6 as dhcp client Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46806
drakbackup should be updated motitos Image:bug_small.png Bug #20141 and Image:bug_small.png Bug #46866
add option in MCC (mandriva control center) to force/choose IP adress IPV4 or IPV6 as dhcp client Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46806


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Create per-user "luks-encrypted" folders to securely store personal documents. <spuk> We might also look into ecryptfs yoho added in specs


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Package tomcat6 jmartin to be evaluated with maintainer
Package eZ Components with each components being in PEAR packages FACORAT Fabrice
package openVZ virtualisation layer and vtonf control panel nerville
add better and big support for web services in PHP 5.2.x with WSO2-WSF-PHP Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46794
upgrade dhcp from 3.0.7 to 4.1.0 for better IPV6 support Yannick56 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46804 DONE

Internationalization & Localization

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
add localization in the package description in rpmdrake. Yoho : it's already possible but most of the time these descriptions have not been translated : improve the translation effort of this specific bit. Nerville : the main idea is to have local description of any package in the rpmdrake panel or if you execute : rpm -qi mypackage it will use locale to show you the description of the package. If it's already possible, can you show us an example ?nerville NEEDINFO
Provide a real infrastructure for translations (like pootle for instance), the actual status is really not interesting for any translators and this resulted in translation reduction over previous releases... It should be accessible easily at for instance steletch In progress


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Use torrent to seed alpha, beta & RC versions .:Spip:. Image:bug_small.png Bug #45916
Professional artwork. The current 2009.0 artwork is extremely bad. I've seen five year olds draw better.
substitute with Koffice 2 in KDE One edition to save space killer1987 WONTFIX as Ooffice is a key apps people wait for demoing
create specialized cd like "system rescuecd"packthead added in One specs
Add a USB media for localized One editions steletch evaluation in progress
Drop all localized editions in favor of a more complete media (cf USB above) steletch
add the tools rescue on Live CD picard12 See above, added in specs
use grub on the livecd instead of isolinux (Or even grub2.)
iso grub boot entry that will boot then chroot straight into an installed system and mount it's proc when given the password, Mount point, /dev device, Etc. Usefull to re-install grub if a vista/xp mbr and boot loader needs to be restored on a dual boot system
Add a DVD edition with all locales and packages now that the removall of unused locales and unused hardware is present, there is even a page mentionning it on the wiki steletch
Call for packagers for iso (for instance XFCE :-) so we can try to synchronize isos releases (even if keeping them from the community steletch will be included in planning
Do something about the ISO's autorun program : it does not do anything, has a bad design and has not been modified in ages. A new autorun must be designed, perhaps similar to Ubuntu's one with an introduction to Mandriva. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Provide A Williamson with a contract renewel. Without Adam, The 2009.1 release will be dead in the water. Adam is one of Mandriva's assets and to let him go is utterly foolish. You need people like Adam to help Mandriva hold onto users because without more people like him working for Mandriva, Mandriva will loose many users. English people don't want untested bug filled products without english speaking support.

I personally don't care but Adam is a key Mandriva asset. Mandriva isn't being proactive by ignoring that. :(

forum topic petition online

Interview with Adam

answer from the CEO

Find a rich people who could support the distro and ship a Powerpack to all families in the world for Christmas. falbabien Waiting for your ideas ;)
Please include more public Beta releases in the roadmap. The Release Candidates are staying with much bugs. Don't put Beta software on the Gold. Try to focus on rock solid stability and hardware support. yoho : how many beta ? Are you sure this would improve stability ? alphazine : one or two more. I think so that this phase need to be longer to test a wide range of hardware configurations and software combinations, and polish issues. alphazine
When a final date for the coming out of Mandriva 2009 Spring has been decided, create an official count down counter image like did Fedora, OpenSuSE and Ubuntu for each future releases to be released soon. 79cf62c519f335c4ce152b10c430186f added in specs
provide a reliable and stable Mandriva release and don't focus only in respecting the estimated date of release, but its quality killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #46029
use only stable software in the final Mandriva 2009.1 release and don't use development or release candidate version for the software in Linux Mandriva distribution.In cooker SVN for Mandriva 2009.1 (Spring), there is development or release candidate software. At distrowatch, I see the list cooker software : ati-driver, compiz stable, evolution, gnumeric, k3b, kdebase, koffice, module-init-tools, nautilus, NVIDIA-driver, vim and xfce. I don't want to be a beta tester when I will use the final Mandriva 2009.1 release yannick56
Ia Ora style: I suggest to redesign Ia Ora style to get more attractive environment as Ubuntu. Those guys make some changes in their U(K)buntu default style in every release. But Ia Ora doesn't change since 2007.0. YuriMyasoedov
Replace Splashy with Plymouth

(+1 on that.);a=summary usermodesetting is in the kernel now also.

Dark Star
try to support the most possible features of Thinkpad notebooks "out of the box" spuk
Split task-games in several task metapackage FACORAT Fabrice Image:bug_small.png Bug #39733
Enable Guest Account by default Dark Star
GRUB: Create a set of GRUB backround images for various screen resolutions (800x600, 1024x768, etc.). YuriMyasoedov
delete (rename) Mandriva club pages. It is not a good idea to keep this name which sounds like commercial & private .:Spip:.
Trophées du Libre: pay attention to "Trophées du Libre" competition. YuriMyasoedov
Program Documentation; far to many programs available for Mandriva have little or no documentation in the form of user E-manuals or help files. Considering that many of these programs break traditional methods in innovative ways (in it self a good thing) new users are lost and never get to see just powerful and functional these programs and Linux really are.

I know that volunteer programmers don't want to write help files, but something needs to be organised so usable documentation can be written for these programs.

Blackpanther-ST 07:17, 9 March 2009 (CET)

Build System

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
implement markrelease in the updates branch spuk
markrelease-watchdog - a script to monitor packages with commits pending a release, already written, missing publishing spuk
pkg-watcher - (better name wanted) a script to allow for subscribing to commits to packages, and to mail commits from apprentice maintainers to their mentors spuk
SVN-ng - split the repository for binaries and plaintext files - finally implement it before it's too late spuk
rpmlint - implement the suggested checks collected during 2009.0 cycle spuk
youri-repoctl - implement a new youri-based "rpmctl" hopefully more efficient, and allowing control of subsection and other things, possibly also make a web-based frontend, and a web-api (XMLRPC?), integrated with spuk

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