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After some disagreements between Oracle who had acquired Sun Microsystems a few months ago, the community "forked" to create LibreOffice which has been accepted by most major Linux-distributions.

  • Lastest stable version is 3.4.4
  • Mandriva Desktop 2011 ships with 3.4.2 still exists and is currently administered by the Apache Foundation.


  • Writer is a word processor - produces .sxw or .doc
  • Calc is a spreadsheet - produces .sxc or .xls
  • Impress is a presentation tool - produces .sxi or .ppt
  • Drawing is a vector graphics tool - like Visio Pro
  • Math is a mathematical formula tool
  • Web Writer is a WYSIWYG HTML editor - produces .html

Templates and Extras

KDE Office

  • An integrated Office Suite for the K Desktop Environment
  • Supports OpenDocument format as used in
  • Visit the official KDE Office website at


  • KWord - A frame-based word processor that can work in two modes: page oriented or layout oriented
  • KSpread - A powerful spreadsheet application.
  • KPresenter - A full-featured presentation program.
  • Kexi - An integrated environment for creating databases and database applications.
  • Kivio - A Visio®-style flowcharting application.
  • Karbon14 - A vector drawing application.
  • Krita - A pixel-based image manipulation program like Adobe© Photoshop® or Corel® Painter™.
  • KPlato - An integrated project management and planning tool. (Not available in Mandriva)
  • KChart - An integrated graph and chart drawing tool.
  • KFormula - A powerful formula editor.
  • Kugar - A tool for generating business quality reports.

GNOME Office

  • This is not part of the default Mandriva Linux install
  • Abiword and Gnumeric are available in the contrib mirror
  • Visit the official GNOME Office website at


Word Perfect (Corel)

Some years ago Corel ported Word Perfect 8 and other Corel apps to linux. Support for the distribution ceased around 2001. You can still install and use Word Perfect on a 'modern' linux distribution such as Mandrake, however.


  • Information source: Rick Moen has put together a helfpul and comprehensive list of FAQs and HOW-TOs.
  • Get the WP8 tarball: It should be named 'WordPerfect.tar.gz'. Rick lists some sites that should have it.
  • Install the old libc5 libraries: The relevant rpms are 'libc-extras-5.3.12-38mdk' and 'libc-extras-5.3.12-38mdk'. If you type 'urpmi libc-extras', urpmi will grab 'libc-base' as well.
  • Unpack the WP8 tarball and install: ... type (as root) ./Runme (or 'sh Runme')

Tips and Tricks & Troubleshooting

  • The above should provide a clean graphical install where you can select the install directory, define printers, etc.
  • If not, try the following: type ldd -v xwp (from within the directory where you've installed WP8 - the program executable is xwp). This will list the libraries that the program needs and indicate whether they are present (and where they are if present). Examine /etc/ for the set of libraries that xwp is looking for. If all is in order Run /sbin/ldconfig to redefine the dynamically linked libraries.
  • If you're still stuck take a look through the above website - there's a lot of info on various situations.
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