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This page is for listing ideas for Google Summer of Code 2011. The initial list of ideas is based on ideas proposed in 2009; modify/add/update them as you like.



youri-check is Youri's project package checking tool. It offers an extensible and coherent Perl framework for running arbitrary QA checks on a package repository. The framework is there but now some work should be done to improve usuability for maintainers.

It is used by PLF and should be used by Mandriva soon (a demo for Mandriva [is available]). The reports are stored in a database and static HTML pages are generated. A more dynamic web interface with various views (maintainer page, package page, queries, ...) would help. Some integration with bugzilla and maintainers database would also be nice.

Some work could also be done on temporal analysis, as currently we only store the reports for the current day. It could be interesting to think of a way to store efficiently data over time and add nice things like "new bugs from this week", "from today", ...

New tests/checks could also be implemented. Examples:

- install and remove a package, check for files that didn't get removed (mostly empty directories) - add a check to list packages that "provide" stuff no one requires (usually these "provides" are leftovers from years ago)


rpmlint is a python software checking rpm packages, and widely used by rpm based Linux distributions (like Mandriva or Fedora). Some feature requests like require writing some generic algorithms (like "if the field foo matches the regexp a then the field bar must (or must not) be b", the same for files in the packages or other metadata) with some way of configuring (and/or subclassing) them.

This would allow to have a set of generic checks (like check that the spec contain a given line, eventually in a specific section), and then some "real" checks that would implement the actual policies using the generic ones.

Nepomuk related projects

Reference page: Nepomuk SoC on KDE techbase

  • Context side bar: sidebar on the desktop which shows information about the resource in the current context
  • Visual query builder
  • Saving and loading of documents via meta-data
  • Improved virtual folders
  • Konqueror bookmarks using virtual folders

Code checking, coding rule conformance and code optimisation using GGCC


Mandriva Linux ARM port

With the wide spread of ARM processors in netbooks and embedded architecture, this area holds a lot of potential. We look forward to get a basesystem to provide then to Community so that contributers can build a new architecture supported for a wide range of applications. System On Chip is to be defined to provide best optimzations.

LDAP backend for KDE4

Based on what was done on KDE3, provide a LDAP backend for KDE4 to store sets of right and manage it using LDAP directory. It should make administrators able to create groups of users with given rights access to KDE4 functionnalities and applications

Upgrading/packaging Texlive

This has been discussed many times in the Cooker mailing list (todo: add links for the archives). Having a new texlive in Mandriva could greatly increase our Latex support

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