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This page is a first work document to list all proposed ideas for technical specifications for Mandriva Linux 2009 release. Please list all needed information so that we can ask for more information if needed. It's also important to fill a bug in Bugzilla to keep history for any kind of proposal.


How to submit a suggestion into Bugzilla

  1. If you are not yet registered in Bugzilla, create an account
  2. Log in
  3. Enter a new issue into Bugzilla
  4. In the distribution list, choose "Mandriva Cooker".
  5. Select the Mandriva Tool or the package the suggestion/idea is relating to.
  6. Select the version, the component and the architecture.
  7. In the Severity field, choose "enhancement".
  8. Add a basic summary and a detailed description of your suggestion/idea.
  9. Click on "Commit"

Voting in Bugzilla

Features and Bugs that people have voted for in bugzilla can be found here;

Most hated (ie. voted for) bugs

Most wanted (ie. voted for) features

These 'may' reflect the level of demand for an ehancement or fix.

Base system

kernel, hardware support

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Switch to libata Luiz DONE
Stable ABI for modules Luiz POSTPONED
Review package set Luiz DONE
Review ticket handling procedure Luiz
Review and consider smack for adoption as default (and drop apparmor?) herton DONE
Stop doing kernel upgrades via symlinks in /boot spuk
make sure kerneloops package is installed and enabled by default fcrozat
on boot.iso add alternate kernel-linus
Drop kernel-xen and xen ? fedora stop patch kernel on 2008.1 xen is totaly broken (source)
Add architecture name on files installed on /boot ghibo
Add necessary patches for Kernel Level Modesetting Colin
Full Support for Lenovo Thinkpad T60/T61(Even T62 in the future): Drivers, Hotkeys, LEDs, Power Management and etc. YANG Chenguang
Integrate fingerprint authentication throughout Austin Bug:40627 DONE (kernel part)
When sistem loads or restart from a suspended status, use fingerprint for encrypt, decrypt some partition, typically /home Eduard Vidal Bug:41047
Enable advanced mouse features (horizontal scrolling, forward/back, etc.) for bluetooth mice Austin Bug #41546
Use InitNG to improve bootup speed, especially for laptopsoleImage:bug_small.png Bug #41584
Give possibility for the update version : manual/automatic and the installation in the shutdown or (écran de veille) Jeff Template:Evolution


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Allow forced specification of video driver for "One" Edition, for when issues are known (only by command line in bootloader) Sam Bailey

others (gcc, glibc, udev...)

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
with virtualbox 1.6 add br0 automatic for easy setup see page 78
Add cmake and svn by default which are more and more useful YANG Chenguang
Boot time optimization, Cold to Login & Login to Desktop Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #40689
Enable use of "ReadyBoost"/"ReadyDrive" and similar systems for either: Boot Optimization, storage of /boot, swap, or just plain storage Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #40691
Optimization of resume time from hibernate/suspend Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #40692
Add speech support to bootloader Reinout van Schouwen Image:bug_small.png Bug #40697
Clean automatically $HOME/tmp/ .:Spip:. Image:bug_small.png Bug #41854 WON'T FIX

Packages management


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Do not activate non free source on free distribution by default misc Image:bug_small.png Bug #40033
add option for cron package update (and install at shutdown?) add bugzilla
not possible to stop system when urpmi install package (install ah shutdown) add bugzilla
when update kernel, be sure dkms are ready on mirror link kernel and kernel-source ? add bugzilla
uninstall orphean lib if i uninstall application (like aptitude ?) AshLeDombos add bugzilla
Ability to remove packages and associated dependancies a-la-debian yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #21641
Rollback of packages if install/upgrade/removal is not successful Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #40693
Auto-check on reboot for install/upgrade/removal errors & resolve via rollback or restart of process. (also able to be called on request) Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #40694
When a shell command is typed and is not found, suggest to install the package containing it (like in ubuntu) Eric Piel Image:bug_small.png Bug #40572
limit number of installed kernels to two when rpmdrake updates the system (much like fedora) arctic01 add bugzilla
allow rpmdrake to install packages and dependencies and store all in the disk creating a local mirror Image:bug_small.png Bug #35624

GUI tools: mdkonline, rpmdrake

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
mdkapplet should use function with option --nolock, to avoid "urpmi lock" message PapaJaac Image:bug_small.png Bug #40565
Easy to find equivalent list of installed Applications for Windows Software (for beginners) TeaAge Image:bug_small.png Bug #41722
back button [search] in drakrpm. PapaJaac Image:bug_small.png Bug #39454
resizing partition "by left side" with drakdisk PapaJaac Image:bug_small.png Bug #40566
on all draktools have 2 buttons : "select all" and "inverse selection" PapaJaac Image:bug_small.png Bug #40561
Do not ask for user password when modifying system clock or using MandrivaUpdate yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #40597
Improve starting time of the Mandriva Control Center and Network Center yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #40322
Show type of update in mandrivaupdate (e.g.= fix, security, etc..) killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #36337
Allow ratings by popularity (and goodness) of programs in rpmdrake killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #37199
allow rpmdrake to install packages and dependencies and store all in the disk creating a local mirror killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35624
Use in draknetcenter a better icon for interfaces protected by firewall killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35612
Create a tool to suggest installation of certain packages when a given device is connected (e.g. install task-wm5sync when a Windows Mobile phone is connected) awilliamson add bugzilla
Integrated menu in the MCC "Virtualisation" for use the properties KVM in the kernel. (create, delete, save (local or network) .... the virtual machine) NATIVE Mandriva Linux OS!!! Jeff - JF Bellanger suggestion - evolution

Desktop environment


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Add Xfce to officially supported desktop environments yoho Image:bug_small.png Bug #16731 |Will not be added
Let One offer a light WM for low memory cases DoK Image:bug_small.png Bug #35549
Re-organize icewm packaging yochenhsieh Image:bug_small.png Bug #35578
Use LXDE as default light desktop instead of icewm yochenhsieh Image:bug_small.png Bug #40567 packages available in contrib
Define a consistent visual identity for Mandriva, not changing at each release. That is define colors, fonts, visual elements that can be used across all mandriva related things : icons of drakxtools, (community) websites, logos, documentation, themes, backgrounds. Ex: why the 2008.1 dark blue background color is different from the 2008.0 one ? ofaurax
Add rpms for E17 (Environnement + themes + tools + gadgets) neije add bugzilla
For desktops and laptops install and enable anacron by default JadziaMD Image:bug_small.png Bug #40590
An educational release of KDE with the educational packages installed
Give to Mandriva a visual identity, easily recognizable. Windows vista or MAC OSX have their own visual identity, but all linux distributions look the same...
Add option to net_applet for Reconect network interface without reconfigure Image:bug_small.png Bug #41063
Use Mandriva's menu-messages if available Image:bug_small.png Bug #35226
Add more packages of themes for desktop environments like KDE & GNOME... See (in french) this page .:Spip:.
Add a Link (e.g.= to the wiki/to the installed manual) in the default desktop for New users killer1987 Image:bug_small.png Bug #32617
Use the ldap system for identity user because the CMS based in the ldap user search (utiliser un annuaire pour authentifier les utilisateurs permettrait une réutilisation plus aisée pour les CMS et autre portail web) JEFF Template:Suggestion
Modify asleep or wake-up mode for laptops and use a little background image instead of a verbose mode Fredxx
Integer by default the discover computer and printer in the network wiht UPNP JEFF Template:Suggestion


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Enable Kaffeine as default player instead of totem when both Gnome and KDE installed neije
Hard drive mounts in Storage Media read the mount name, i.e. Windows for a /mnt/Windows mount JadziaMD Image:bug_small.png Bug #40587
Fix bug that causes a complete system freeze when attempting to manage display from KDE control centercurtiswtaylorjr Image:bug_small.png Bug #40005


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Replace xsane with an easier to use/understand default Austin Bug #40628


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Add properly configured Canon CAPT Driver for Canon LBP3200 Pulfer

Office and Internet tools

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Provide texlive as default latex distribution (instead of tetex) deap Image:bug_small.png Bug #35991
Have tools for easy help end-user and bypass firewall like teamview, netview...
Automatic connect tools like xandros eeepc with sfr usb
integer software for the synchronization files, calendar, web.... with unisson or conduit.... Jeff Template:Evolution


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Enable thumbnails when selecting pictures to upload to a website (ex. Myspace, Flikr, Auctiva) from Konqueror or Firefox.curtiswtaylorjr
Add mumble / mumur for best vocal chat and OPENSOURCE! Image:bug_small.png Bug #40902

Mandriva tools


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
enable to use mds easily even if it is for a desktop
fusion mds / drakxtools and use ldap for authentification
can restore easy backup (made with draksnapshot) with boot.iso
easy tools (drakrpm) for upgrade version n to n+1
Give back configuring printer when install is finishing PapaJaac
Configure all official repositories when install is finishing PapaJaac
have .img for make ONE USB install (for pc without cd/dvd-rom) AshLeDombos Image:bug_small.png Bug #40630
Fix stage1 to set host name this one can make service stop sample : mysql, httpd Guillaume Rousse Image:bug_small.png Bug #32725
Refine the timezone selector screen in the installer and in the LiveCD startup wizard dexter11 Image:bug_small.png Bug #40558
Give an option to select he installation media even when already have a CD/DVD YANG Chenguang
Allow the cancelling of the download of repositories during installation Sam Bailey Image:bug_small.png Bug #35378
Make sure upgrade option from 2008.x actually gets tested inhouse and (should it be part of the 2009.0 installer) in case it contains a bug comparable to that in 2008.1 will be updated ASAP in such a way that even novice users stand a chance to fix the issue themselves (ISO patch/separate bootimage) Markus Ueberall Image:bug_small.png Bug #39925
Include a search box in the Software Management section of the Installer Emanuel-Emeric Andrasi Image:bug_small.png Bug #38818
When a package was not found, or corrupted, use network for search al alternative copy. Not just like now, when you only can ignore, or ignore all source, some people use the same dvd for a lot of installations, and this dvd some times has some scratch in a few packages Eduard VidalImage:bug_small.png Bug #41050
Diskdrake should be able to modify gpt ( guid partition table ) as found on apple's computer Michael Scherer Image:bug_small.png Bug #41459


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Advanced Mouse/Joystick/gamepads support to enable multimedia keys if possible xavy94 Image:bug_small.png Bug #30162 Image:bug_small.png Bug #11061
Creates an easy software installer for the newbies. This software installer could be based on "task-*" meta packages, or could rely on a list of packages to install for each software, with options. For example, installing "KOffice" means optionally selecting many packages. Installing "KMPlayer" means choosing the backends, if non-free codecs must be installed, and so on. It is something between the big packages groups provided by the DrakInst installer and the fine-grained RPMDrake. Benoît Minisini
Create a diagnostic tool for network, sound, xorg... to help to solve the problem or to make an accurate bug report. The most important is the network tool able to detect what is wrong: network down, link in use, gateway, DNS... Except for the network, a remote diagnostic from Mandriva could be done. Pierre Jarillon
Create a configuration tool for lirc. David Cossé
A tool to configure external tv-output (pal,secam,ntsc,...,size,...) David Cossé
Precise default settings in security manager .:Spip:. Image:bug_small.png Bug #40665
Allow Drak3d to enable Emerald as window decorator when compiz is enabled killer1987
Make diskdrake mounts vfat with correct codepages You-Cheng Hsieh Image:bug_small.png Bug #40920
Add the possibility to enable/disable the touchpad in mousedrake (when an external mouse is present) Dr_ST Image:bug_small.png Bug #40963
Bring back menudrake and add option for load custom menu styles to drakmenustyle Image:bug_small.png Bug #40995
Better HCL system upload and report dalverny romain Image:bug_small.png Bug #41558
ISCSI (iscsitarget) Configuration interface in the MCC (example for thee SAN backup) JEFF Template:Evolution


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
root filesystem encryption options during installationroved2101
Introduce tcb shadowing scheme for passwords, and use it by default vdanen
Introduce "sshpwers" (better name welcome) group, for users allowed to login via ssh using passwords; disallow password logins except for that group (idea initially proposed here) spuk
Give possibilties in the authentication for the usb key (see mandriva edutice) Jeff Template:Amélioration


Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
drakwizard-tools for freenx server and put in main ?
Separate server control from the control centre will be better and convenient YANG Chenguang
openldap authentification by default, when install, may be selectionable if this machine will be a authentification server (default) or client Eduard Vidal Image:bug_small.png Bug #41052
integrated in the console clamv for the reporting and integrated HAVP (anti-virus de proxy) Jeff Template:Evolution
Integrated for the printing quota and reporting (pykota) Jeff Template:Evolution
Integrated the the update console for mandriva (example wsus or Lsus for windows - see here example : ) Jeff Template:Evolution
It's exiting add SSL Explorer (vpn ssl) with share folder for users. By default limited acces a share folders for SSL Explorer. It permitted secure transfer, easy transfer (enter home, job, friends) view : Jeff Template:Evolution
Integrated the system for integrated domain ldap AND samba (see : ) Jeff Template:Evolution

Internationalization & Localization

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
List all countries in Mandriva One. Make whatever fixes neccessary to the installer to create One images with as many locales as possible, but without the i18n. Image:bug_small.png Bug #23303
ONE: Offer to download and install i18n packages when user chooses a country that isn't supported, just like Ubuntu does. (This depends on another wish: to ship Mandriva with preconfigured mirrors or autoconfigured based on user location.)
Allow the user add a new language to its current config by installing all the language files for the new locale for all the RPMs present. Eric Piel Image:bug_small.png Bug #31639
Fix bootsplash message localization, which is broken for two years since 2007.0. Image:bug_small.png Bug #35465
Make lang selection at booting reflect actual locales installed in One. Image:bug_small.png Bug #35879
Install the wenquanyi Chinese font automatically when the Chinese languages language support have been selected YANG Chenguang
Just install the necessary plug-ins for SCIM according to the language support instead of install them all YANG Chenguang
Make translations of application names and descriptions in menu actually be used Image:bug_small.png Bug #39172 Image:bug_small.png Bug #35226
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