Installing proprietary video card drivers

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This page contains information on how to install the proprietary video drivers for nVidia and ATI graphics cards (if you installed Mandriva from the One Live CD then proprietary drivers are already installed).


General installation instructions

  1. Add the official software repositories by following this guide.
  2. Open the image:Drakconf-icon.png Mandriva Control Centre->Software Management -> Configure media sources for install and update and enable the Non-free and Non-free Updates repositories. Then close this tool.
  3. Next open Hardware -> Set up the graphical server -> Graphics Card.
  4. Reselect your display card group - the correct one will be already selected, so just click OK.
  5. You will get a pop-up message asking if you want to use the proprietary driver available for your card, simply click Yes.
  6. It will then download and install the necessary packages. Once this is finished, quit the configuration tool. It will display the new configuration and ask you to confirm that you want to save it, select yes. It'll then tell you that you need to log out, don't log out but instead reboot the system.

That's it, you're done installing the proprietary driver for your card.

ATI cards may fail to work with the proprietary driver due to wrong colour depth setting

Sometimes the proprietary driver for ATI cards may fail to work due to the X server defaulting to 8bpp color depth if no color depth is explicitly set in xorg.conf, for more information see Image:bug_small.png Bug #49813.

This can be easily fixed by making sure that the color depth is set to 16 million colors (24bits) in Set up the graphical server -> Resolution, so when configuring an ATI card to use the proprietary driver always make sure an appropriate color depth is used.


If you are not given the option of using a proprietary driver for your card, it is possible the card is a very new one, and was not supported by the proprietary drivers at the time the release of Mandriva you are using came out. In this case, you can try updating to a newer version of the driver.

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