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How to buy Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 (MES 5) ?

From the Mandriva store

You can buy MES 5 from the Mandriva store :

You get one month of web support on installation for free.

For other periods and volumes or any other additional information, please contact the commercial sales team.

From the Mandriva sales department

Please contact the Mandriva sales department :

The sales department could offer you additionnal services including MES 5 : for example the mandriva support programmes for professionals or the consulting service

How to try Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 (MES 5) ?

A trial version of MES 5 is available here :

Please answer the questions and you will get access to the download zone.

You get one month of updates for free when you register. If you want to add 1 or 3 years updates please buy the MES 5 on

If you use a new account while purchasing the download version please remove the update repository and add them again using your new purchase account.

How to obtain Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 after buying ?

Create your Mandriva user account

Go to and create your Mandriva User Account if you don’t have one already.

Register your activation key

Activation keys are not sent if you purchase the the download version, the activation of the updates is credited on your account. Activation keys are sent if you have purchased the Slim box DVD version.

Download Mandriva Enterprise Server 5

How to configure the update repositories ?

Graphic mode

In graphic mode, an applet alerts you that new repositories are available.

New medium available

Click on more information or click on the applet (orange question mark) if you missed the popup.

New medium available

Click on next.

New medium available

Please enter your email and password (this is your Mandriva User account). Please wait and a popup will alert you that your media is now conifgured.

Command Line mode

You can use this command line to add the update repositories:

urpmi.addmedia --update --distrib \
  • $LOGIN is your mandriva user account (your email). Be careful, you have to replace @ by %40. For example, if your email is, you have to write
  • $PASSWD is your mandriva user account password
  • $ARCH is your system architecture (i586 or x86_64)

How to upgrade from a Corporate Server 4 (CS4)?

The upgrade from CS4 to MES5 via urpmi is not possible. You have to save all the important files (config files, users data, ...) and to re-install the system.

How to find MES 5 documentation ?

MES 5 documentation is in the mandriva-doc-en.rpm package which you have to install :

 urpmi mandriva-doc-en 

or with the graphic installation tool. You can find the documentation in the menu.

This documentation is also available at

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