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Mandriva Linux doesn't just run on the Intel x86 architecture.



This architecture is officially supported by Mandriva.

IRC (i586): #mandriva-cooker @

ML (i586):


This architecture is officially supported by Mandriva.

ML (x86_64):


Latest version is 8.1, not maintained at this time.


Last release is 10.2, not maintained at this time.

See also PPC Port

Previous maintainers (ppc)

  • Olivier Thauvin (rebuilds since 9.1)
  • Christiaan Welvaart (build problem solving, rebuilds for main, 10.1 and 10.2 release)
  • Danny Tholen (kernel work, bug solving)
  • Emmanuel Blindauer (sync-ing contrib packages)

IRC (ppc): #mandriva-ports @

ML (ppc): (Searchable Archives)

Web pages with misc packages and info (ppc):

Club Forum (ppc): Forum

Available Hosts (ppc):

  • Titanium G4 500 Mhz, Mandrake 9.1, 512MB of RAM (chroot for cooker + plf packages) hosted and managed by OlivierThauvin
  • Mac Mini 1.25Ghz 512Mo, running cooker and rebuild done (an iurt2 rebuilding out of sync packages, and an iurt which gets pushed packages from the BuildSystem) operated by EmmanuelBlindauer


No info available.


Sparc port has had some changes to base system, all packages will now be built for sparcv9 in stead of sparcv7 as before and only a few selected 64 bit packages (sparc64) will be built as needed, they will both live together in the same repository. Due to this change just recently was made on mirrors too, packages has not been rebuilt and made it to mirrors yet. Please be patient. :)

Maintainers (sparcv9):

  • OlivierThauvin
  • PerOyvindKarlsen

IRC (sparc): #mandriva-ports @


The Mandriva XBOX port has it's own dedicated page.

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