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Mandriva Quality Assurance (draft)

This document describes a list of tests to be taken by a QA tester while testing Mandriva

  • Are the upgrading for both archs working ?
  • Is the clean installation for both archs ok ?
  • Does the ooo menu icons (k-menu and others as g-menu) looks ok and is working ?
  • Are l10n functionalities packages (dutch, french, portuguese brazilian, english and so) ok ?
  • Are help packages working correctly (inside ooo use the F1 key to check this) ?
  • Is the PDF importing document functionality working (just try open a pdf file using ooo - it should be editable) ?
  • Is the installing and uninstalling of further extensions working as well (packages: presentation-minimizer, wiki-publisher, presenter-screen) ?
  • Are ooo toolbar icons ok ?
  • Does the OOo works in GNOME and KDE ?
  • Does it open and save correctly writer, calc, impress, database and draw documents ?
  • And what about from a nfs mounted volume and samba shared one ?
  • Install package and see if the file picker under GNOME is working correctly.
  • Test some printing changing the page orientation.
  • Test opening OOo documents using the Firefox.
  • Test digital signature functionality by signing documents and opening signed ones - (needs a better step-by-step todo).
  • Do any other test you judge needed for this kind of application like OpenOffice.
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