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The purpose of the DiskDrake project is to simplify hard disk partitioning. DiskDrake is graphical, simple, powerful, and licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License).

Two skill levels are available (newbie, expert).

It's written entirely in Perl and Perl/Gtk.

DiskDrake is a project from Mandriva, the company behind the popular Mandriva Linux operating-system.



DiskDrake can, with a nice contextual menu, accomplish the following:

  • create partitions
  • delete partitions
  • change type of partition
  • format partitions
  • assign a mount point
  • propose a list of classic mount points and verify the mount point is a valid mount partition
  • resize fat partitions
  • resize partitions (when not caring to lose its data)
  • clear partition table
  • auto allocation (useful for install)
  • write fstab

The Expert button toggles between expert and normal mode. Some changes in information are displayed:

  • when you click (or focus) the drive tab (eg: hda), you get information about your drive: size, geometry (cylinders/sectors/heads number), type (eg: IBM DDRS-39130D), and bus/id. In normal mode you have only the size.
  • the windows drive letter (eg: C: D: ...)
  • the {start sector} information from normal mode, it still appears in expert mode
  • the start & end cylinder of each partition is now displayed in expert mode
  • the type is displayed numerically in expert mode

CLI options

diskdrake --hd 
Create, delete and resize hard disk partitions.
diskdrake --removable=hdX 
Set where your CD-Rom drive is mounted. ( [fill in X as applicable, e.g. hdc] )
diskdrake --removable=hdX 
Set where your CD/DVD burner is mounted. ( [fill in X as applicable, e.g. hdd] )
diskdrake --removable=fd0 
Set where your floppy drive is mounted.
diskdrake --nfs 
Set NFS mount points.
diskdrake --smb 
Set Samba mount points.
diskdrake --dav 
Set WebDAV mount points.
diskdrake --fileshare 
Set up sharing of your hard disk partitions.


You can use the cooker mailing list, or you can contact directly the project leader: pixel at mandriva dot com (WHO IS A LEADER OF THE PROJECT NOW?)


Looking at a hard disk


Looking at a partition


Creating a partition



diskdrake is bundled in the package drakxtools. Here is the latest tarball, and the SVN access

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