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EDOS ended in 2007.

EDOS stands for Environment for the Distribution of Open Source software

EDOS web site:

EDOS is an IST (Information Society Technologies) Project


Use of formal methods, coming from the academic research groups in the project, to address in a novel way four outstanding issues:

  • Dependency management among large, heterogeneous collections of software packages
  • Testing and QA for large, complex software systems
  • The efficient distribution of large software systems, using peer-to-peer and distributed data-base technology
  • Defining metrics to gain precise insight of the involved processes and improvements

The process of building large OSS has reached such a high level of complexity in terms of size of code, number of people involved and components dependencies that its further evolution requires the provision of a new generation of methodologies, theoretical models and technicals tools specifically tailored to open-source software engineering.

Expected results

  • EDOS will issue a formal components description model to describe software dependencies
  • EDOS participants will deliver a unified, computer language-agnostic testing format and will leverage this format by setting up an online testing platform helping contributors to have an accurate provable view of the system they are building together, and to report test results. (see also Testzilla Howto)
  • The process of distributing large chunks of source code or binaries will be brought to a new level in terms of performance, optimisation of bandwidh usage and configurability. Two main technologies will be instrumental in this part: Active XML technology on top of a peer-to-peer infrastructure and database replication technology.
  • A transversal task force consists in defining metrics that will outline the process improvements made possible by EDOS approach. Inspiration will be drawn from existing quality models, which will have to be tailored to OSS specific issues.

Mandriva Linux people involved

  • StephaneLauriere - project manager
  • RaduPop - CIFRE Research Work in partnership with INRIA Futurs
  • WarLy
  • FredericLepied
  • RegisWira
  • MarcLijour - stagiaire
  • Per √ėyvind Karlsen


Please send an email to Stephane Lauriere or to Warly if you need further info.

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