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"Wei" just landed on a mirror near you. This is the beta2 snapshot of the upcoming Mandriva 2007 Spring release.


On the menu today

  • OpenOffice 2.1
  • Latest Gnome 2.18 beta2
  • Latest KDE packages
  • Thunderbird 2.0b2 and Firefox 2.0
  • Metisse
  • Latest 2.6.17-11mdv with driver set (proprietary drivers are also available on cooker/non-free, while not on the "Free" DVD iso)
  • New rpmdrake / mandrivaupdate / mandrivaonline tool
  • XDG menu merge
  • Wengo

Set of contrib applications: beryl cwiid virtualbox jahshaka mixxx lmms blender

What should I know before I start testing? (Known issues)

Limited I18N support: only en,it,fr,de,es,pt,pt_BR translations are included

Thunderbird: install libnspr4 before installing the Thunderbird package

Missing packages: a lot of packages are missing in this ISO; they will be included in future snapshots. Most notably, those are not integrated:

  • numlock, sudo, mesa-demos
  • cdrdao-gcdmaster
  • kdebase-progs needs to be installed to have complete ia_ora theme support in both gnome and kde
  • kmix and some other KDE packages
  • beryl-manager is not on the ISO: install it from a cooker repository
  • translation packages are missing
  • printing
  • Known kernel issues
    • Kernel panic with sata_nv raid controller Image:bug_small.png Bug #28964
    • SB600 Non-Raid-5 SATA [Storage IDE] Image:bug_small.png Bug #28936

Contrib kernels were included in the ISO but won't be in the final release.

No x86_64 DVD: it is being build; test with the One version preferably

Other known issues are collated on the Spring Errata page. Please check there.

Ok, so where can I get it?

This beta version is available only as a conventional installer-based DVD. You can download installation ISOs on the public FTP and HTTP sites mirroring the Mandriva Linux repository. Check the list of current development mirrors on CookerMirrors. The ISOs are available from the /MandrivaLinux/devel/iso/2007.1 subdirectory. For instructions on writing the ISO files to CD or DVD discs, see Writing CD and DVD images. For installation instructions, see Installing Mandriva Linux.

What should I test in priority?

Test the new packages and what is listed in the changelog.

  • test the new rpmdrake/mandrivaupdate/mandrivaonline code and report regressions. Do NOT report feature requests as bugs. Do NOT report feature requests at all: we already have tons to triage.
  • please report any hw support regression (everything that was working on 2007.0). Please do NOT report report new unsupported HW as bugs. Test suspend/hibernate with the 3D feature activated. Report results on cooker.
  • test the latest XDG menu fixes

Do NOT report missing packages as bugs: the current ISOs are incomplete, this is a known problem.

To report bugs, consult our general guidelines on Development/Howto/Bugzilla.

Some known issues are identified on the Spring Errata page. Please check there to see if a special problem has a work-around or has been fixed.

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