Mandriva Linux 2008 development release schedule

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Antoine Ginies will be the release manager for Mandriva Linux 2008.

  • New versions freeze is planned for September 27th, 2007
  • Releases freeze is planned for 30th.

From that point on, both version and releases updates must be requested on the maintainers mailing list and manually approved.

Release Date
Cooker Snapshot (internal release to adjust isos) From July 24th to August 1st 2007
Beta1 (Cassini) From August 6th to August 24th 2007 (delayed from August 2nd)
Beta2 (Galilee) From August 25st to September 4th 2007 (delayed from August 17th)
RC 1 (Copernic) From September 5th to September 20st 2007 (delayed from September 1st)
RC 2 (Kepler) From September 21st to October 8th 2007 (delayed from September 18th)
Official Release (Tycho) Tuesday October 9th 2007 (delayed from September 27th)

i18n planning

  • September 25th 2007: String freeze
  • October 1st 2007: Translation freeze
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