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About IGGI


IGGI is a Mandriva Linux distribution based on Mandriva 2006, dedicated to High Performance Computing. It is the result of a research project with Inria and BRGM.

Main Features

  • Easy install. IGGI setup automatically all the services needed for your cluster: DNS, DHCP, PXE, NIS, Jobs Scheduler
  • Parallel transfers. Installing 50 nodes does not take much more time than installing 2
* ka-tools website ka-run package
* Taktuk website Taktuk2 package
* dolly package dolly package
  • urpmi parallel. Install a package on all nodes in parallel
Urpmi parallel
Compute mode
  • Esay administration of PXE service
Drakcluster PXE


IGGI can be downloaded from any Mandriva Mirrors in the official/iso/iggi-cluster/ directory. Available architectures are: i586 and x86_64.


Documentation for installing and using IGGI is available at

Questions / Comments

If you have questions or comments about IGGI, you can use the Cooker Mailling List. Add [IGGI] in the subject line.

Commercial Support

IGGI was an experimental project. A Bundle cluster was created based on IGGI. If you need commercial support, please see this page.

CS4 package based on IGGI

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