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Mandriva provides a number of unique tools to ease the administration of your Linux system, be it for the desktop or server.


System Management and Configuration Tools

  • Mandriva Control Center - the central Mandriva configuration tool (aka Drakconf)
  • LogDrake - view and search system logs
  • DrakConsole - open a console
  • DrakCronAt - schedule programs to run periodically or at certain times
  • DrakBackup - configure backups of the system and user data
  • DrakBoot - enables autologin, configures how the system boots, and selects the graphical theme to use while booting
  • DrakFloppy - produces bootable floppies (see Formatting Floppies)
  • DrakAutoInst - configures an automatic installation replay
  • DrakStats - retrieve statistics about installed rpm packages


  • DiskDrake - hard drive management tool (parition, resize, etc.)
  • XFDrake - configuration tool
  • Harddrake - look at and configure local system hardware
  • DrakxTV - configure TV tuner card
  • DrakKeyboard - configure keyboard layout
  • Drakmouse - configure the pointer device (mouse, touchpad)
  • Printerdrake - configure printer(s), print job queues, etc.
  • Scannerdrake - configure scanner
  • DrakUPS - configure a UPS for power monitoring
  • DrakSound - configure a non-ISA soundcard
  • Drakfax - FAX configuration tool
  • LsPciDrake - CLI tool to list PCI bus and USB devices (part of the ldetect package)


  • DrakTermserv - configure a terminal server
  • rfbdrake - tool to remote control another Linux, UNIX, or Windows machine (allows to take control of a Linux client, allow control of your system from a Linux server, or run Windows Terminal Services)
  • Drakpxelinux - a wizard to create a PXE server
  • Drakwizard - a GUI (X11 & ncurses) wizard to perform basic configuration of Apache2(httpd), DNS(bind), DHCP(dhcp-server), FTP(proftpd), OpenSSH(openssh-server), Proxy(squid) or time(ntpd) servers.


  • Drakconnect - configure and manage network interfaces
  • Drakroam - configure and manage wireless network interfaces
  • NetApplet - user applet to access the network connection properties
  • net_monitor - monitor network connections
  • Drakproxy - configure a proxy server for file and web
  • DrakGw - configure internet connection sharing with other local machines
  • DrakVpn - configure a Virtual Private Network connection

User Management-Related

  • Userdrake - User management tool
  • Drakauth - configuration tool for selecting authentication method (local, NIS, LDAP, etc.)


  • Drakfont - manage, add, and remove fonts
  • DrakeDM - choose which display manager (i.e. kdm, gdm, etc.) to use
  • MenuDrake - configure the application menu layout
  • DrakClock - adjust the date and time

Packaging Tools

  • Mandrivaupdate - graphical package management tool (aka rpmdrake)
  • Urpmi - CLI package management tool
  • Mandrivaonline - easy online services for updating Mandriva Linux
  • FIBRIC - The configuration process is particularly easy to put to work thanks to FIBRIC, an installation assistant accessible by web browser.
  • draklive - A development tool to create your own LiveCD distro

Security Tools

  • msec - Mandriva security/hardening tool
  • Draksec - Graphical frontend to msec
  • DrakPerm - fine-tune the security permissions of the system
  • DrakFirewall - configure a personal firewall

These topics should deal with both general usage and development (possibly using Tools/urpmi/development or a similar sub-node to keep the information regarding said tool logically structured under "Tools/[tool]")

Miscellaneous Tools

  • DrakBug - an interactive bug reporting tool
  • Drakbt - a Bittorrent link and status checker; it can connect automagically to Mandriva Linux websites to grab and display available torrents
  • DrakFirsttime - an after-first-boot user interface configuration wizard
  • Drakloop - tool to allow users to mount encrypted loopback filesystems (part of the mountloop package)
  • Drakoo - a file format wizard for running at first lauch of OpenOffice and enabling the user to choose the default file format to use
  • DrakSync - is a graphical tool for synchronizing directories on different machines
  • Packdrake - a simple indexed archive builder and extractor using standard compression methods
  • Transfugdrake - tool to help beginners migrating to Mandriva Linux
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