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This page contains information on the Bug Squad, instructions on how to volunteer, and useful information and guides for Bug Squad members.


Who we are and what we do

The Bug Squad is a group of volunteer members of the Mandriva community who help with bug-related tasks, including triage, maintenance and monitoring. Bug Squad members make up the triage team, whose job - as outlined in the Bug policy - is to filter all bug reports in order to ensure that only valid, complete reports are sent to the development team for action, and to help reporters to file complete reports. Bug Squad members also help to clean up old issues in the Bugzilla database.


In alphabetical order:

  • Alexander Petryakov
  • Sergio Rafael Lemke (aka bedi)
  • Stephane Flavigny (aka "STEF74")
  • Dhiraj Hazra
  • Tomáš Kindl (aka "Supp")
  • John Schneiderman
  • Ahmad Samir
  • Stéphane Teletchéa (aka "steletch")

Old members

Here are shown in alphabetical order those members that no longer are able to work with us but that we really appreciate because of their great work in the team in the past... Thanks:

  • roudoudou (currently inactive)
  • Adam Williamson (former team leader) (currently inactive)
  • Pacho Ramos (currently inactive)
  • Anne Nicolas

How to contact us

The Bug Squad has a mailing list. It is open to the public, though mainly used by bug squad members. You can sign up for it by following the instructions on the mailing lists page.

The Bug Squad also has an IRC channel: #mandriva-bugsquad on the Freenode IRC network but mailing list is the preffered method for contacting with the team as current members don't usually have enough time for being in IRC channel.

How to volunteer

BugSquad is always needed of human power since most of its members are volunteers, then, we highly appreciate people wanting to help us. You simply need to send us a mail to our mailing list: bugteam A T mandrivalinux D O T org (see also this entry on the mailing lists page)

After that, you will be guided in the process. Also, before sending your mail, take a look to Triage guide.

Information for Bug Squad members

Some useful documents and information for existing Bug Squad members are listed below.

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