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Re : links to useful bugs/wishes in bugzilla?

Hello killer 1987! :)

I am curious to know how you have found out about my bug report for better install/uninstall dialog.

Since the beginning I have invested a lot of efforts into attempting to refresh the Mandriva GUI appearances and rules, yet without any response from the engineers or cooker developers. I have not insisted much since one year as I know they are just overloaded of work and pressure so...

Yet, the bugs are openned, and anyone who has the competences can sure right a patch. Then I think the developers will accept or won't just mind including it in the source code.

Bug 53718 - Better user avatars for userdrake *

Bug 52471 - Drakboot does not detect the screen resolution for the boot splash.

Bug 38334 - Use gnome-colours (Brave) icon theme as default for Gnome *

Bug 58498 - Improve Drakroam (and Draknetcenter)'s wireless list display usability

Bug 58657 - Set up and apply a message HIG for DrakXtools

Bug 54222 - Net Applet « wireless connected » notification should display in bold the "network status" instead of "hardware device name".

Bug 57307 - Improve package download/(un)install dialog

* Enhancement suggestion has been applied to XfceLive and can be applied easily to any community product. Source files available in SVN.

Do you have any plans about these ideas? Can I be of any help?


Thomas aka Skiper 20:21, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

the bug report is one that i voted in bugzilla and because now i'm writing down ideas for 2011 i discovered it again : )
my plans is to add them to the Ideas Mandriva 2011.0 page (if you haven't enough time to add them) and point them out to mandriva staff throught MUGS or directly via e-mail. i will let you know if i have some news. thanks for your efforts to improve the distro
Great! I am keeping track of this page and announce it in the french Mandriva Forums.
Thank you for your work.
Take care,
Done, even if i think it will be better to apply them directely to mageia : )

Language links

Hello Marcello!

I'd just like to notify you to not put the languages at the top of the articles.

In fact, it is not a bad intention I know, but categories are at the top and laguages at the bottom for better readability and clearance. Additionally, languages putten at the top of articles create large space loss before thre article begins.

So please keep the languages at the bottom of the articles, and do not skip lines at the top of the articles. ;-)

Thank you for all of your effort.

Skiper 19:09, 17 September 2009 (UTC)

NB : You do not need to put a "Translated from" banner on all the pages of the Italian Wiki that have been translated form English. Personally, I find it more indtruding than useful. :-)

hi skiper, i thought it was the correct layout as i could remember from the article diagram image, but i was wrong and that layout was correct only for categories : ) i've seen your changes and modified correctely a new page i'm in charge to translate.
relating to the italian link, i know it can be intrusive but it's useful to connect the 2 wiki versions, our bloggers often forget to link the italian pages. i will try to reduce the internal links only to the most important pages...
thank to you for your great work: )
you're welcome Marcello.
I haven't publicly talked about it in the english forums, but you can translate an interesting page from mine from French : fr:Les différentes façons de contribuer
If you feel there is a page that should be written in English or translated from French, just tell me. ;-)
Skiper 19:38, 17 September 2009 (UTC)
i find the page you linked very interesting, could you translate it in english? i would like to insert it also in the italian wiki, but translating from french for me is much difficult, my french is becoming even worse. please, let me know
I see. I would have hoped that the Google Transator would have been useful or effective enough.
I will try to find the time for that. I still need to write the page about Marketing, aside of all the other work I have to do including for the french community magazine and the AUFML's stuff, in addition to my studies. So I'll let you know when this page will be available in English, but I don't guarantee it will be done soon.
Thanks for your hard work. If you need an advice or help, just drop me a message on my user discussion page.
--Skiper 20:39, 18 September 2009 (UTC)
ok, i'll wait some time for it, if you won't find enough time to translate it i will try to use the french version, this way i will do also a french revison : )
if i should have problems, sure : ) thank you for your availabilty and congratulations for the quality of your works...
killer1987 11:16, 23 September 2009 (UTC)
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