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XFCE One, release 2009.0

The Mandriva community is proud to offer another XFCE edition to the users. This edition is not a Mandriva product (so do not expect any kind of support directly from Mandriva), but has been completed with a great cooperation between the company and the community.

We tried our best to provide the experience possible using XFCE Live but so far some issues still stand. We do not consider those issues are very blocking ones, but we rather mention them here so you can know what to do in case you would encounter those problems.

This edition contains bug fixes as available on the mirrors at the 23th of October, which should solve some installations and usage issues, but we strongly recommend to install the next updates while you have installed on the disk the XFCE desktop.

If you encounter any xfce-specific problem, please report it in the Mandriva Bug tracking system.

You can also meet some of us on irc, on the freenode-network, channel #mandriva-xfce.

Enjoy this edition!

Known Issues

  • no graphical boot in Live mode, this issue is not present in the installed iso.
  • no display of the cdrom eject (probably because of splashy), so you may "think" the One cannot completely turn off the computer, while in fact it expects you to press "Ctrl + J" or "Enter". Solution: press the Escape key while turning off the system, you will see the error message.
  • font too big on "Terminal": the solution is to adjust the settings in the Terminal preferences.
  • some problems when locale is not present (for instance on exaile, or the compiz control center): we choose to provide the locales as explictly as the other One editions (see ), in case your locale is not in the list, you may experience some errors or warnings.
  • if you do not want to hear all those sound events, please run "urpme libcanberra0" as a root. For x86_64 do "urpme lib64canberra0"

Download locations

The ISO images should be available on all the mirrors providing the Mandriva tree.

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