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Ideas for Xfce in Mandriva Linux

List ideas for a better integration of Xfce in Mandriva Linux. Add your bugzilla# for each idea to be able to discuss it if needed.


2007.1: Image:Mdvxfcelove.png

2008.1: Image:Mdvxfcelove2.png

[edit] The idea

Idea is quite simple - provide best Xfce experience with the Mandriva Linux, best distribution in the world.

[edit] Download

Several versions are available on the mirrors:

  • i586 & x86_64
  • international, asia and extra-i18n (you can find the supported languages list for each iso on this page)

Download from:

[edit] About

Mandriva's Xfce maintainers:

Testers, and wiki's contributors:

  • Dotan Kamber - kamberd@yahoo.com
  • Annaïg "Scara" Denis - scarabeille@free.fr

Graphics contributors:

  • Mike Massonnet - mike.massonnet@gmail.com

Iso masters:

  • Stéphane Téletchéa
  • Rémi Mathieu - rmathieu is at mandriva.org


[edit] The look

Mandriva Xfce 2008.1

Mandriva Xfce 2008

[edit] Bugzilla

Please consider using Bugzilla to file your feature requests instead of this page!

The benefits of using Bugzilla instead of this page should be clear:

  • Bugzilla is meant to track bugs as well as feature requests
  • Discussions on one topic are easily possible and visible in the cooker mailinglist
  • It is possible to vote for feature requests
  • It is possible to use Bugzilla to determine which features should be implemented for which release and track the status of them
  • If you want to see a list of all open feature requests, simply ask Bugzilla

Still, this Wiki page is useful to keep an overview of ideas that have been raised for the next release.

[edit] How to fill a suggestion into Bugzilla

  1. If you are not yet registered in bugzilla, create an account
  2. Log in
  3. Enter a new issue into Bugzilla
  4. In the distribution list, choose "Mandriva Cooker".
  5. Select the Mandriva Tool or the package the suggestion/idea is relating to.
  6. Select the version, the component and the architecture.
  7. In the Severity field, choose "enhancement".
  8. Put a clear summary and a description of your suggestion/idea.
  9. Click on "Commit"

[edit] Valid bugs

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Include Xfce at the same level as GNOME or KDE for installation Image:bug_small.png Bug #16731 in progress
Make Mandriva applets as mdkonline, netapplet, etc work in Xfce systray Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Have a Mandriva Menu for Xfce Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Make themes for Xfce : ia_ora, etc Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Make a Mandriva One with Xfce (not officially supported) Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Whitespace underneath the weather graphic, while panel has a pixmap as a background Image:bug_small.png Bug #40183 in progress
KDE trashbin is shown on xfdesktop Image:bug_small.png Bug #30979 in progress
xfwm ia_ora theme doesnt look right Image:bug_small.png Bug #39326 in progress
Keyboard doesn't work with autologin and xfce Image:bug_small.png Bug #39549 in progress
Config files get touched when logging off without changes to them Image:bug_small.png Bug #36021 in progress

[edit] Packages

List of Xfce packages in Mandriva Linux (default configuration, metapackages, etc.)

[edit] Installation error for existing packages

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Installation of xfce-toys impossible Image:bug_small.png Bug #24960 FIXED
Installation of xfce-trigger, xfce-modemlights-plugin, xfce-minicmd-plugin impossible Image:bug_small.png Bug #26665 FIXED

[edit] Package to be added

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status

[edit] To be confirmed

Those bugs have to be confirmed before any addition in the previous lists

[edit] TODO List

  • work with upstream on issues (developpers needed)

[edit] IRC

Meet the Xfce team on #mandriva-xfce on freenode.net !

[edit] Comments and Reviews

Mandriva Linux One 2008 Spring XFCE: a community achievement

Distrowatch Distribution Release: Mandriva Linux 2008.1 "Xfce"

Mandrivausers.ro Mandriva ONE 2008 Spring - XFCE lansata!

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Choosing an XFCE-based distro

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