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List ideas for a better integration of Xfce in Mandriva Linux. Add your bugzilla# for each idea to be able to discuss it if needed.



The idea

Idea is quite simple - provide best Xfce experience with the Mandriva Linux, best distribution in the world.


So far, the XFCE One edition has been produced since the 2007.1 release:


Several versions are available on the mirrors:

  • i586 & x86_64 for 2008.1 edition
  • international, asia and extra-i18n (you can find the supported languages list for each iso on this page)

Download from:


Mandriva's Xfce maintainers:

Testers, and wiki's contributors:

  • Dotan Kamber - kamberd@yahoo.com
  • Annaïg "Scara" Denis - scarabeille@free.fr

Graphics contributors:

  • Mike Massonnet - mike.massonnet@gmail.com

Iso masters:



Mandriva Xfce 2009.0

Mandriva Xfce 2008.1

Mandriva Xfce 2008


Main changes between versions:

2009.0 - 2009.1

  • xfce-4.6.0
  • new applications from xfce project
  • new settings

2008.1 - 2009.0

  • added LUKS filesystem support
  • some more ... :P


Please consider using Bugzilla to file your feature requests instead of this page!

The benefits of using Bugzilla instead of this page should be clear:

  • Bugzilla is meant to track bugs as well as feature requests
  • Discussions on one topic are easily possible and visible in the cooker mailinglist
  • It is possible to vote for feature requests
  • It is possible to use Bugzilla to determine which features should be implemented for which release and track the status of them
  • If you want to see a list of all open feature requests, simply ask Bugzilla

Still, this Wiki page is useful to keep an overview of ideas that have been raised for the next release.

How to fill a suggestion into Bugzilla

  1. If you are not yet registered in bugzilla, create an account
  2. Log in
  3. Enter a new issue into Bugzilla
  4. In the distribution list, choose "Mandriva Cooker".
  5. Select the Mandriva Tool or the package the suggestion/idea is relating to.
  6. Select the version, the component and the architecture.
  7. In the Severity field, choose "enhancement".
  8. Put a clear summary and a description of your suggestion/idea.
  9. Click on "Commit"

Valid bugs

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Include Xfce at the same level as GNOME or KDE for installation Image:bug_small.png Bug #16731 in progress
Make Mandriva applets as mdkonline, netapplet, etc work in Xfce systray Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Have a Mandriva Menu for Xfce Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Make themes for Xfce : ia_ora, etc Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Make a Mandriva One with Xfce (not officially supported) Image:bug_small.png Bug # DONE
Whitespace underneath the weather graphic, while panel has a pixmap as a background Image:bug_small.png Bug #40183 in progress
KDE trashbin is shown on xfdesktop Image:bug_small.png Bug #30979 in progress
xfwm ia_ora theme doesnt look right Image:bug_small.png Bug #39326 in progress
Keyboard doesn't work with autologin and xfce Image:bug_small.png Bug #39549 DONE
Config files get touched when logging off without changes to them Image:bug_small.png Bug #36021 in progress


List of Xfce packages in Mandriva Linux (default configuration, metapackages, etc.)

Installation error for existing packages

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status
Installation of xfce-toys impossible Image:bug_small.png Bug #24960 FIXED
Installation of xfce-trigger, xfce-modemlights-plugin, xfce-minicmd-plugin impossible Image:bug_small.png Bug #26665 FIXED

Package to be added

Suggestion Author(s) Bugzilla Status

To be confirmed

Those bugs have to be confirmed before any addition in the previous lists


  • work with upstream on issues (developpers needed)


Meet the Xfce team on #mandriva-xfce on freenode.net !

Comments and Reviews

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