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It is lightweight • It is full of nice features • It has a magnifique design • It is a community work
Welcome to your new lightweight desktop.

Your XfceLive 2010 Spring


Download the 64 bits image

MD5 control sumMirror directory (includes Asia & Africa isos)

All your tasks are launched faster.

XfceLive brings you the latest version of the desktop environment, including many bugfixes, stability improvements and enhanced performances. Yet, Xfce comes with many new extra and nice features.
You can visit the Xfce 4.6 guided tour

Run your applications faster.

When "beautiful" is compatible with "lightweight".

We have worked a lot for you to feel at home without affecting performance. This XfceLive features a new polished design : skinned pannels, new avatars for your accounts, nice backgrounds chosen among the best photos from the Mandriva background contest, OpenGL screensavers and several colors for your icons.

Choose the color you prefer for your icons.

All the applications you need in one LiveCD.

XfceLive is brought to you with the latest version of the most commonly applications needed : Firefox 3.6.8, OpenOffice.org 3.2, Evolution mail suite 2.30.2, and the latest version of multimedia programs and codecs for Parole, Exaile and gThumb photo album.

A bunch of programs already delivered to you.

It is all made by the community.

Most of the work has been done by volunteers : packaging, implementing, compiling and testing. We are opened to any suggestion, ideas and help. We want to be very attentive to our users's comments. If you have found a bug, please fill in a Bug ticket. You can also visit the XfceLive Development page.

An environment, a community, lot's of love, and a new spin is born.


Technical specifications

Technical specs

Read what has been included inside the XfceLive.

Go to the technical specifications >


Get help & support

Get support

Get some help from the community through various supports.

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