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Place: @
Place: @
Time: ?? November ??:?? CET
Time: Thursday 15 November 16:00 CET
== Agenda ==
== Agenda ==

Current revision as of 18:13, 12 November 2012



Time & Place

Place: @

Time: Thursday 15 November 16:00 CET


Please add topics you'd like to discuss for the next meeting to the agenda.

Roadmap for next release

Where are we at so far, what remains to be done and what delivery dates are realistic plan for?

First beta

What remains to be done for releasing the first beta?

Technical specs

What features remains and is expected to be completed?

We need to review current proposals for the technical specifications and decide on which to go with and not.

ABF Migration



New organization is expected to be created within nearest future, will/should it have any impact on the next release? If so, what kind..?

Available resources


What do we have available? Infrastructure..?


What people have we now available, to what degree, will more people be made available and possibly be assigned to cooker with ABF migration now?

Expected participants

  • Per Øyvind Karlsen
  • Andrey Bondrov
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