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Preliminary note:

Many problems encountered by MNF2 users are triggered by bad shorewall rules. Please check that /etc/shorewall/rules and similar files in the same directory are written and behave correctly.

MandrivaOnline broken link

The URL was changed to few weeks ago, this prevents the mdkonline binaries which use the '.net' extension to work correctly besides the setup of a redirection mechanism. Install manually the update version available here and redo the configuration step in MandrivaOnline section from your MNF2 web interface.

Shorewall/chkconfig broken initscript

The 'chkconfig' command on MNF2 previously created symbolic links with incorrect names ("S-1shorewall/K-1shorewall"). The shorewall initscript has been changed to prevent this incorrect behavior. You need to manually delete the S-1shorewall and K-1shorewall files located in /etc/rc*.d/ directories after upgrading to shorewall-2.0.17-2.1.100mdk.

The following commands can be used to fix this issue after the shorewall update:

# chkconfig shorewall off; chkconfig --del shorewall
# rm -f /etc/rc*.d/*shorewall*
# chkconfig --add shorewall; chkconfig shorewall on

Bugzilla ticket which is tracking this issue.

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